May 2016

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April 27th, 2015

[info]hotdoc in [info]the100

This is absolutely fascinating. No amount of reading up on traveling to different universes could fully prepare one for the event of actually experiencing it. I know exactly what setting this is too but if I divulge in that further, I might give several inhabitants an existential crisis Or well, perhaps because the idea of parallel universes are much different than what I am seeing here.

No matter. I suppose introductions would be nice. My name is Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, please just call me Ravi. I have worked for the CDC and as a forensic pathologist for the local PD. I grew up in Southall, London which, if anyone has been there, should not be surprising considering it's practically a South Asia away from actual South Asia.

But enough about me. I'm not as interesting of a subject as what's going on here. I've been told tidbits of what's been going on and I'm really curious on a few things: What is the flora of the natural world here? How has Earth changed in the last century? Has there been any eradication of species or creation of new ones? Has there been any evolutionary changes for human being to help them adapt to the current environment?

[info]rubythewolf in [info]the100

I don't suppose there's a place around here where one can go hiking in the woods? I'm sort of a nature fan, and going on a long hike sounds really nice.

Filter: Emma and Mary Margaret
That sounds a lot better than, is there a safe place nearby so I can turn into a wolf next month without freaking people out?

Unless one of you wants a wolf hanging around your room for an evening?

[info]holesinthesky in [info]the100

network post: carol danvers

Dear Multiverse,

I really, really, really miss my cat. Please send Chewie down in a pod with plenty of food and water and her little catnip sack.

Carol D.

I have a question for you.

[info]lavsbrown in [info]the100

Well it's not home, but I think I could like it here. I do like making clothes, it's a lot different from when I was working at Happily Ever After, but it's still nice! Though I think I will miss all the planning I did with my old job. Who knows though, maybe someone here will need a wedding or a special party planned, and I can help out.

Filtered: Flash Thompson, Noh-Varr, and Clara Oswald
Hello! Since we're all living in close quarters, I thought maybe sometime we could all sit down together. It might make things go smoothly if we get to know one another, especially since we only have one bathroom between the four of us!

Filtered: Elsa
Thank you, Elsa. For all the help you've shown me. I really appreciate it!

[info]ibecomedeath in [info]the100

I'm going to go run an errand for Raven. I don't know how long I'll be gone but it'll be the rest of the day at least. Do you need anything before I go?

[info]pickedfirst in [info]the100

Seriously people, if the trash is overflowing don't put more in it. I don't think my nose has recovered from the wall of funk that hit me when I tried taking the stairs yesterday.

[ THE 100 CREW ]
I have some of the alarms Clarke and O wanted ready to test out, but I need someone to be my legs and put them up in some trees. Come on, any excuse to get fresh air, right?

[info]frellmedead in [info]the100

We've had a lot of new people, I guess. For those who don't know me, hey, I'm John Crichton.

I thought maybe we'd make those movie nights a regular thing, so I'm taking requests. They don't have everything, but there's a lot, so tell me what y'all wanna see and I'll keep it in mind for the next one.

[info]tylerose in [info]the100

So according to the date, my birthday was technically seven days ago. Considering I'm so far into the future, I have no idea if I'm still technically 19 or if I'm 20 now.

Blimey. You'd think I'd be used to this by now. All the time traveling, but it's still confusing. I bet the Doctor would

Filter: Mickey
Hey, thanks for explaining everything to me. I can't believe the Daleks come back, again. Considering how impossible it is that they're still around, they always manage to find a way.

[info]triplett in [info]the100

Filter to MCU
So I went of this grid for awhile there. I'm not sorry, though. Had a lot to work through.

Those of you who don't know: I died, there in the temple. I died. That's a hell of a thing to think about, that the last thing I remember was probably the last thing I saw alive at home.

And if I go home, I die. So I guess I don't want to go home, because I really like living.

I still don't know what to think about this place. Blossom, you want to get a drink with me?

[info]littlespider in [info]the100

I've been thinking...

[info]mouthymerc in [info]the100

Julie Power: you remember me? i looked everywhere for you

[info]lavabender in [info]the100

Backdated to the 26th.

Wow. I didn't know so many smells existed...

Does anyone want to go outside and get some air? Maybe even play a game? [...] Does anyone even have a game? I might not be familiar with the rules of most of them, but I'm a fast learner. Unless there's the off chance someone actually has a Pai Sho board with them, but I doubt it.

[info]dogstarred in [info]the100

Who: James & Sirius
What: Post-Peter
When: Around whenever Peter arrived
Where: random hallway inside Mt. Weather, near the exit
Warnings: Mentions of violence?

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[info]dogstarred in [info]the100

Who: Remus & Sirius
What: Remus beating the snot out of Sirius
When: Like back when the game opened, oops
Where: Their room
Warnings: Violence, mentions of HP canon death

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[info]changingtide in [info]the100

Who: Annie Cresta, Finnick Odair
When: Last night
Where: Hospital
What: Annie has to go and see the guy who claims to be Finnick.
Rating: TBD.

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[info]acceleration in [info]the100


Deadpool is talking to me like we're old friends.