May 2016

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April 5th, 2015

[info]takecarenow in [info]the100

Mount Weather? The Mount Weather?

I'm going to have Amelia schedule me a head CT the moment I wake up.

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This is what the future looks like? Send me back home.

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network; lily potter (001)

Now that you've all had a chance to get some sleep and I'm working instead of right up in all of your stupid faces...


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I believe I have worked out how to use this, though I do hope you will forgive any mistakes I might make. I am Brother Cadfael and I am pleased to meet all of you.

[info]selfmedicates in [info]the100

Huh. I've woken up a lot of strange places, but this really take the cake.

Hello, new world. I'm Adrian Ivashkov.

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Well, this isn't the worst kidnapping I've ever had. Pity it's underground. Not had good experiences with being underground. More light would definitely brighten this place up. Make it seem bigger. Less cramped.

Normally I'd assume I need no introduction. But, we're apparently not just in the future, but an alternate universe. Always wanted to work out if inter-dimensional time-travel was real. Now I know.

So, Tony Stark. I'm a mechanic. Although, apparently here I'll be an engineer.


I got told a bunch of you lot were here.

Roll call. What's the story?

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Perseus Jackson, you're very, very late. Where are you?

Four days in and I'm still here, so I guess that settles the whole "is this even real" question. For those of you who haven't already met me, I'm Annabeth Chase. I'm from over 100 years in the past, but I think a lot of us are. I'm good with a knife and a sword and I'm pretty into architecture, so I will be helping out in infrastructure. I can hunt, too, if you guys need help with that.

[info]pickedfirst in [info]the100

Damn, you guys move fast when we wave new technology under your noses.

To avoid missing anyone I haven't met yet, I'm Raven Reyes. Don't go by the titles they've assigned to us here - I'm a mechanic underneath the fancy "Infrastructure Engineer" title they gave me. In short, I'm awesome and you want me on your team.

PSA: Don't step foot in my space unless you've been given clearance, and then only touch things you've been cleared to touch. I don't want to explain to everyone why you're suddenly down a finger or that you drank pure ethanol when you were looking for a way to get drunk fast.

[info]selfmedicates in [info]the100

Who: Adrian Ivashkov and Sydney Sage
When: Just after this on April 5th
Where: Their room (504-O1)
What: A very emotional reunion
Rating: TBA, probably pretty low, but their may be mentions of Adrian's bipolar disorder and hearing voices of people who aren't really there. Also vampire things. And a whole pile of Sydrian feels.

Sydney looked no different that she had the last time he'd seen her, but to him she looked like the most beautiful thing in the world. )

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Who: Grant Ward
When: Easter Sunday
What: Introspective Ward is introspective
Warnings: Self harm, Ward Family backstory
Status: Complete as narritive, open if anyone wants traitor angst.

[info]whatwedid in [info]the100

I'm going to go over a few things here, just in case it wasn't that clear when you woke up or we didn't explain it well enough. It's been hectic around here with all of you arriving out of nowhere like this, but if it keeps up, we'll get better at this.

I'm Bellamy Blake. You can usually find me with the other soldiers, or out on scouting missions. You've met my sister Octavia already, and some of you have met Clarke. We were some of the first people who landed back on Earth. Abby Griffin is the chancellor, and our chief doctor. Marcus Kane is one of the councillors. Sinclair's infrastructure. Our friend Raven's over in infrastructure/engineering too. If you need anything, just ask us. We're here to help.

The year is 2150. This is Earth - what used to be Virginia. We're all living in a base called Mount Weather, and we have a second camp out there that you'll hear people talking about too, Camp Jaha. Back in 2052, there was a nuclear war. Earth was, at least as far as we knew at the time, completely uninhabitable. The people you've met here are all descendants of what remained of humanity back then: thirteen countries had space stations in orbit at the time, and they came together to do whatever they could to ensure our survival. If you hear us talking about the Ark, that's where we all used to live. One giant space station, cobbled together from whatever was left up there.

Last year, some of us arrived back on the ground, including me and my sister. More of our people joined us later, after we knew we could survive down here, but most died on the way down.

We are not the only humans left, however. We call the others Grounders. This world has been their home for a long time, and that's why it's important that you listen when we tell you where not to go, or not to go out alone. Most of them aren't going to bother asking you who you are or what you want. The last thing we want right now is to draw them to us when we're just trying to make lives for ourselves here. I'm sure they already know something's happening, but let's not push it. We don't want another war.

And be careful of the mutant animals. They're not all friendly.

I think that's about it for now. Welcome to Earth.

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I've had so much information thrown at me today that I feel like I'm swimming in extremely deep and unknown waters. I'm Elsa, Queen of Arendelle. I have been informed that my sister is not among your number here, and while that saddens me, I find that I'm also grateful, because it means that she is safe at home. Although my talents run more towards administration, I am happy to be able to contribute towards the happiness and welfare of the people here. I am a clothing maker, here.

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network post: remus lupin

I Thank you, for what you did today for me and my friends.

I'm not getting out of bed for at least two days

End of story

[...] Did I hurt someone? Did I hurt a person out there?

[info]daredevilmck in [info]the100

Other than the whole worrying about survival and such, what's the game plan for fun around this place? If there isn't any, that will be changed.

We need fun

[James Potter & Sirius Black]
How many jokes can you come up with in one minute?

[Remus Lupin]
We still need to have a chat.

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Who: Sam and Cas
What: Cas decides to bother Sam about why he's not bothering them.
When: Sunday evening
Where: their unit
Warnings: probably low.

... )

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This is so weird
I burned my journal for a reason

They told me there's no walkers here, so I guess this isn't the world I came from. At least I hope not. The thought that we'd finally figure out how to fix things and then blow up the whole planet anyway -- actually that sounds like exactly what'd happen it's a little too dark.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be out of that hospital and holding a phone for the first time in years, but I wanted to find my friends. My family. Now all I can do is hope they end up here. Until then? I've volunteered to be a farmer, but I'm good with animals too, and I can hunt & forage. Oh, and I know how to take care of babies if you've got any. So anyone who needs a hand, I've got one that's perfectly good and the other's almost there. Put me to work.

[info]takecarenow in [info]the100

Hello...Mr. Potter.

May I have a word?