1st Contest - Team BlackDragon
 teamblackdragon - (dbzvegeta)
07:06am 30/12/2010
1St Contest Rules:

1. You may claim up to two prompts. Prompts can be claimed throughout the period of the contest, which is now open to anytime. Prompts must be claimed and notification sent to Team BlackDragon. This can be done via Private Message to “DBZVegeta” or via post on the IJ.

2. This is not a pairing-specific fest: if a prompt specifies a pairing, you do not need to use that pairing. If a prompt is listed under a certain character's name, you do not need to use that character as the POV character/narrator. Remember though that this is a slash site, so the pairings need to be male/male, however you do not have to have them engage in any sexual relationship.

5. Fics need to be at least 2000 min words (with no maximum) and beta-read. Prefer that stories are complete, however will take WIPs if they are at least 95% complete.

6. All fics are accepted, and should be submitted directly to the journal for moderated posting. All NC-17 fics will be locked.

7. Please fill out the following form completely to claim a prompt (note: prompts can be claimed by more than one individual):

Your IJ name:
Category name: (Alternate Universe, Horror/Angst, Romance, Fantasy, Humor, Other) (Select One)
Prompt Number:
Pairing(s) or character(s): (optional)


1. Sirius is Draco's godfather, and he has to take custody of Draco after both Malfoy parents are incapacitated (can be dead or alive).

2. Transported from Earth to a Desert World, character(s) must find a fabled lost city to be able to return home.

3. A serial killer is stalking their prey with precision accuracy, character(s) must hunt down killer in a deadly cat-and-mouse game.

4. Character(s) are bounty hunter(s) for the wizarding world hit squad.

5. Character(s) are descendants of a powerful telepathic race, long lost to the wizarding world.

6. Character(s) has no love for the wizarding authority and neither do they for them. The authority decides to assigns the character(s) as a Guardian to look into rumors of dark magic. (will need to define the roles as a Guardian)

7. On the verge of a revolution, character(s) mentor/parents/higher authority decides to enact laws try and control the one individual who can stop the fighting.

8. Character(s) is thrust into the future with one of their most hated enemies. Due to the actions that befall them, how will that change the past when they return. Or if they return?

9. Character(s) leaves the wizarding world for the muggle world and ends up working for child services. What happens when they find a young witch/wizard being abused?

10. What if character(s) discovered a new prophecy about a child being instrumental in the fall of a new Dark Lord? Would that character(s) do everything in their power to ensure that the child carries out the prophecy, at the expense of the child/family? Or would they protect them from those that want them to carry out the prophecy?

11. Character(s) only vaguely remembers a time when they didn’t live with their family, a pack of royal wolves-–bigger, stronger and smarter than normal wolves. However now their leader is sending them to live among humans as was promised years before.

12. Vampire, werewolves and creatures, oh my. What happens when the character(s) is drawn into a world filled with more than witches and wizards and is expected to save them as well.

13. Muggleborns are disappearing from the wizarding world and turning up in the Muggle world…without their memories of being witches and wizards. Character(s) must figure out what is happening to them and find a way to change it.

14. Character absolutely hates portkeys, what happens when character(s) have to use one and ends up in a remote and very cold location, instead of the warm location as was programmed.

15. Harry has decided that the only way to ensure that he can no longer be maligned by the press it to buy them all up. What happens to the wizarding world when he now owns the news?

16. What happened if Atlantis never actually disappeared, yet no one knew about them? And what would happen if Harry was actually the heir to the throne of Atlantis?

17. Harry was expecting something a little different at Christmas than what he received. What was it that he wanted and how long will it take before he gets it?

18. Character(s) have a new class that requires them to work in pairs. One of the assignments is to come up with 50 rules of being a teenager. (Does not require that you come up will all 50 rules for this prompt.)

19. Love or Money? Which will the character(s) take in the end, when you cannot have both?

20. Muggle technology has never worked well in the Wizarding world. What happens we the Muggle world clashes with the Wizarding world, when the statue of secrecy falls. Will the Muggle world be able to use their technology to destroy the Wizarding, or will they work together to improve both.

If you have any questions, please PM me at "DBZVegeta". Let the games begin.

Team BlackDragon Admin
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Happy Holidays!
 teamblackdragon - (dbzvegeta)
04:45pm 24/12/2008
Happy Holidays from Team BlackDragon!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and put your thinking cap on after. I will be posting the rules and prompts next week just before New Years.

So eat lots of holiday food, open your presents and count our blessings. Have a wonderful holiday and I will see you next week.

Admin/Moderator Team BlackDragon

PS...Santa said to tell everyone hello and that he has his reindeer all warmed up for the trip this year....
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Looking for Additional Prompts
 teamblackdragon - (dbzvegeta)
01:35pm 14/12/2008
Good Day,

So far we have a few prompts that I have put together for the upcoming challenge. I am looking for additional prompts and will accept any ideas from you. Please respond to this post with your prompt by no later than 28 Dec 2008. Remember I will be posting the prompts for acceptance on/or about 31 Dec/1 Jan.

Rules for the upcoming challenge will be posted just after christmas.

Team BlackDragon Admin
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Validation of Accounts
 teamblackdragon - (dbzvegeta)
06:39am 12/12/2008
Individuals have started joining Team BlackDragon, and I have started validating accounts. However I cannot validate accounts if your profile does not have either an "age statement" or your birth date. You can either update your profile or send me a private message.

I am sorry, but I will not take chances with having anyone under-age on this site. Thanks again.

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Welcome to Team BlackDragon
 teamblackdragon - (dbzvegeta)
02:27pm 28/11/2008
Welcome to the Grand Opening of Team BlackDragon. I hope that this site gets our creative juices flowing and some really good reading for our members. I am opening membership to all individual who are over the age of 18, as this will be an adult slash fanfiction site. Please go to the forum details page for Team BlackDragon Guidelines or to join immediately go to http://www.insanejournal.com/asylum/join.bml?comm=teamblackdragon

The forums 1st contest will begin 1 Jan 09 and run through 1 Feb 09. Awards will be given for 1st and 2nd Place (jpg files to post on your site). The categories for awards are as follows:

Best Alternate Universe
Best Horror/Angst
Hotest Romance
Best Fanasty
Best In Series

I will accept any ideas for prompts, please post them by no later than 28 Dec 08. I will annouce the prompt categories on 1 Jan 09.

I am also looking for several individuals that would like to judge/moderate. Please join us and have fun.

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