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About this community
For serious practitioners of the tarot, focusing in particular on unique and introspective uses of the art. Membership and posting are unmoderated.

February 2008
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Sheta Kaey [userpic]
Why it's so quiet (on my part, at least)

I started this community because I felt IJ needed one and I had the same community at LiveJournal. However, I'm swamped most of the time with Rending the Veil (occult magazine) and various other projects, so I don't have the time to kickstart or prompt traffic here like I'd originally hoped. If anyone would like to help out by taking an active (not a silent) moderator position, please let me know as I know the community could benefit from such a moderator or two.

My email is sheta@rendingtheveil.com if anyone wishes to email me privately about the mod positions.

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Introduction - Thaniel

Hello there. This is just a brief introduction to let you know that I have joined the community. Maybe it will even get us all talking!

Though my name is not officially Thaniel, it is the one I use magically, in honor of the Greek daimon Thanatos. He is not the only entity that I worship, but admittedly the main one, given that I have done a fair amount of shamanic psychopomp work in the past. I am an eclectic pagan by nature, and have adopted what many may consider very odd ideas over the years. One of these is that the opposite of Death is not Life, but Love, a la Freudian psychology and Chaos Magick. One might say that my uber deity is in fact Thanateros or Thaneros. This works out perfectly for me, as my partner [info]erotes is a follower of Eros.

But onto the Tarot. I started with The Witches Tarot, and have now been reading for almost twenty years. During that time I have bought and given away deck after deck, and currently have about twenty in my possession, perhaps five of which receive regular use. Though I am studying the Thoth Deck at the moment, I am fascinated with card-reading of all sorts, including those systems which are not Tarot-based, such as the Druid Animal Oracle. I have read for a cash, but prefer not to do so. I can't really tell you why. I also read runes and have created my own set of divination dice based on kanji.

Well, I suppose that is enough for now!

- T

Sheta Kaey [userpic]

Welcome aboard, have at it whenever you like. If you'd like to help moderate, leave a comment.

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