September 14th, 2009

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I want to say, I love you guys. Though I'm not going to be around as much.

I just as of ten minutes ago, got a phone call, letting me know I am now respectfully employed once again! So, that means I actually have things to do, than be here all day. Thank the all might god! I need the money!

Though, no worries. I'll still will be here and posting and playing with all of you!


Jesse, Jack, Rupert, Yukio, Oliver, Ethan, Deacon, Aiden! I think I got them all

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in which Sara's issues are surely noticed by now...

I have a new character! Surprised?

This is lucky number 13! His name is Toby Bremen and he's formerly the Donkey from the Brothers Grimm's The Bremen Town Musicians (or some variation of that title). He is 28 years old, a spokesman and coordinator for PETA, based in Seattle, a bit of a scatterbrain and in need of some lovin'.

His profile can be found HERE and he needs friends, colleagues of some sort, antagonists and someone to love and be loved by him. :] Seriously, I think this game's Adorable Scale would go off the charts if he fell in love with a girl.

That is all. ♥ Feel free to hit me up on AIM at posthumorously for plottiness or just silliness. Or just to quote song lyrics at me. Really.

Affectionately yours,
[Harrison, Iryna, Tonia, Mitch, Dalton, Cadence, Lucky, Jacqui, Glinda, Spencer, Jinju, April & Toby]

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My name is Addie, and I have Character Addiction Disease. It's quite common, but the symptoms include obsessively making new characters, and there is no current cure.

This however!~ Is Sunday Wesson, aka Helios. Have you ever seen a four year old after inhaling one of those three foot long pixy stix? So uh, that's Sunny here. She's a sweet girl, owns a tattoo/piercing parlor in Seattle and you can read about her here.

As per usual, you can contact me at heaven lied and her at sunny cancer