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Saturday, May 14th, 2005

click cover to buy the book Inside of a month of getting my guidelines up for TABLOID PURPOSES II, I got the compete anthology and this is thing I am very pleased with the results and the stories written by the contributers rocked. I cannot pick a favorite story on this set but the authors that will be editors choice are Barbara Malenky, Charles Hush, Ron Capshaw, Macey Wuesthoff, Casey Gordon, Muirray Leeder, Everette Bell, and Jeff Skinner. I am very pleased with how this came out but it took some feeling out because this is the first anthology I used Open Office to edit with. After getting torn to pieces by Horror-Web, I am ready to bring out authors that are more than willing to open a can of whoopass. It also features a line up from the original TABLOID PURPOSES, half them came back and this time around even the Science Fiction has teeth. Macey's new story in this one is titled To Write A Wrong and will feature the Eraserhead Press reprint of Everette Bell's novella, Deadlands. Nicholas Mounts closes the book off with the short story, Where Have The Children Gone?. Stories in this included are from the owner of The preview story on the anthology is written by Paul Haines. The Science Fiction stories in this are written by Casey Gordon, then the horror story that is quickly becoming a favorite with me are the ones writh by Barbara Malenky. I will be posting a link to one of her stories as it is read on Blood Rose Mag. Her background as a writer is a True Crime author, and I cannot wait to see what her true crime novels will turn out.

Authors include:

  • Macey Bagget Wuesthoff
  • Lida Broadhurst
  • Jane Timm Baxter
  • Murray Leeder
  • Paul Haines
  • Everette Bell
  • Michael Stone
  • Liam Davies
  • Paul W. Finch
  • Joshua Scribner
  • J.R. Cain
  • Ronald Wright
  • Tarlyn L. Hook
  • Ken Goldman
  • Mike Ault
  • Michelle L. Thornwell
  • Jeffery De Lannoy
  • Charles Hush
  • S.G. Cardin
  • Nickolaus A. Pacione
  • Jeff Skinner
  • Kevin Filan
  • Bruce Goldon
  • Adrian Sheppard
  • Kimberly Steele
  • Ken Goldman
  • Joseph Barneth Allan
  • Barbara Malenky
  • Steve Hallin
  • Ron Capshaw
  • Casey Gordon
  • Nicholas Mounts

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
4:54 am

TP II is underway and Ralans is getting the guidelines posted. I won't say who is on it until the book is finally published. I got a professional line up with this one and the next set of writers will be sending their work next month for it. I had a few line up changes on TP One and had to unpublish the ISBN version but the new version of the book reflects the changes. I had gone through a lot of shit just to get this book out there -- one asshole went as far as trying to offer pirated copies of the book costing me one writer early on that was paid for her contribution. She is coming back for TP II this time as a colaborating author (pending though because slots are filling fast for this one.) This one will be the biggest by far next to the second project I am working on -- keeping that one hushed for now too because I don't quite have enough submissions yet for that one. I extended the deadline on both anthologies. I am paying the authors on TP II $16 for one story and $30 for two stories. I will pay more next month, but not as high as some are trying to fish out of me.

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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
11:47 am

Welcome to the forum of the anthology project,  Tabloid Purposes.  This book had a lot of hardships in putting together but all of the writers involved can say they are proud they are part of the project.    Though there are a few out there who might want to see this anthology die a horrible death but I hate to break it to them,  this anthology is the one that will be the scar they can never do away with.  I did it in a way that follows the tradition of the trenchcoat chronicles,  being that I got the nickname,  the administer of agitation.  This anthology was going to be the thing that stirred up the most shit as possible.  I wanted an anthology of horror and Sci-Fi that I would sit down and read.    I knew this anthology was one that will be something special the moment there were a few out there that wanted to see this thing disappear and become forgotten -- not going to happen.  Especially since I got an email from the people at commending me on the project -- there are a few young talents on there and they wanted to be on there.  This one was one that sparked controversy in many ways than one -- it is one of the most diverse mixes of horror and Science Fiction out there and did that for a reason. If you have a favorite story you want to discuss in the project, this is the place to do it -- I got a few favorite stories in there and two of them being written by [info]macey, and this forum is for all the members of the anthology to promote their other projects as well. As the one I got featured on called Reality Check: A Horror Anthology. Each anthology I am in has its nasty little personality; and the ones who hate me the worst are punishing the publishers for publishing me -- tough shit to those trash talkers because they made the mistake of doing so.

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