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    Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
    6:10 am
    Brainstorming #1

    • Brainstorming #1
    • Challenge #1
    Harry is with an organization similar to the Order of the Phoenix, except this group actually gets off their asses and does something.

    Name of organization: The Covenant, which mean:LAW. An incidental clause in such an agreement.

    The Agreement: Never use their powers for pure evil intent. Never kill unless it is necessary (such as rogues, Death Eaters, etc.). Always protect each other and innocents at all cost. Take out as many dark and evil beings as is possible. Work as a team, not as individuals...

    Basically The Covenant is the Order and Aurors fused together, with a mix of slayer and whatnot. They take action, unlike the Order.

    THE COVENANT'S Most Active Members

    • Vampires

    Erebus - Oldest member at 326-years-old. In appearance, he looks about 35-years-old. He is HEAD and LEADER of The Covenant.
    Race: Vampire
    Family: Wife - Jillian, Daughter - Seraphine

    - Second oldest member of The Covenant, at 315-years-old, though she looks about 30 to 35-years-old. She is SECOND in command.
    Race: Vampire
    Family: Husband - Erebus, Daughter -  Seraphine

    Lydia - She is 308-years-old, though she looks about 30-years-old in appearance.
    Race: Vampire

    Sebastian - Turned at 15-years-old. Is now 20-years-old.
    Race: Vampire

    Seraphine - 17-years-old. She is the youngest of the pureblooded vampires within The Covenant.
    Race: Vampire
    Family: Father - Erebus, Mother - Jillian

    Cole - Is 19-years-old. He was Turned at 15-years-old.
    Race: Vampire

    • Werewolves

    Martin - Is 200-years-old. He likes to joke and play and just goofy around with the younger members of The Covenant.
    Race: Werewolf
    Family: Daughter - Jordin

    Jordin - Is 18-years-old. One of the few born werewolves.
    Race: Werewolf
    Family: Father - Martin

    - Was bitten at 8-years-old, and is now 17-years-old.
    Race: Werewolf
    Family: Older Bother - Mortimer

    Mortimer - Is 25-years-old, and was bitten ten years ago, along with his brother, at 15-years-old.
    Race: Werewolf
    Family: Younger Brother - Max

    Alexis - She is 20-years-old and born a werewolf.
    Race: Werewolf

    Zachary - He is 16-years-old, and was born a werewolf.
    Race: Werewolf

    Michael - He is 33-years-old, and was bitten at 13-years-old.
    Race: Werewolf

    • Veelas

    Myra - She is 20-years-old
    Race: Veela
    Family: Younger Cousin - Morgan

    Morgan - She is 16-years-old.
    Face: Veela
    Family: Older Cousin - Myra

    • Humans

    Lawrence - He is 28-years-old.
    Race: Human/Man
    Family: Younger Sister - Sindi

    Sindi - She is 16-years-old.
    Race: Human/Man
    Family: Older Brother - Lawrence

    • Hybrids

    Amethyst - She is 17-years-old
    Race: Hybrid - Vampire/Veela

    Harry - He is 17-years-old
    Race: Hybrid - Vampire/Elf/Veela

    Total of Most Active Members = Nineteen (19)

    Leading Vampires
    = Six (6)
    Plus Twenty-Five (25) behind the scenes = Thirty-One (31)

    Leading Werewolves
    = Seven (7)
    Plus Twenty (20) behind the scenes = Twenty-Seven (27)

    = Two (2)
    Plus Ten (10) behind the scenes = Twelve (12)

    = Two (2)
    Plus Thirteen (13) behind the scenes = Fifteen (15)

    = Two (2)
    Plus Zero (0) behind the scenes = Two (2)

    All in all there are a total of Eighty-Seven (87) Covenant Members.
    Nineteen (19)  of these members (all listed above) are Council Members.

    Official LEADERS of the races:

    Leader of Vampires:


    Leader of Werewolves:

    Leader of Veela:

    Leader of Humans:

    Leader of Hybrids:

    Although Erebus is the Leader of the Vampires, he is also the HEAD/LEADER of The Covenant.

    YOUNGEST MEMBERS - Eighteen-years-old to Sixteen-years-old

    Harry - Hybrid - 17-years-old
    Amethyst - Hybrid - 17-years-old
    Seraphine - Vampire - 17-years-old
    Max - Werewolf - 17-years-old
    Jordin - Werewolf - 18-years-old
    Zachary - Werewolf - 16-years-old
    Morgan - Veela - 16-years-old
    Sindi - Human - 16-years-old

    Harry is best friends with Max. They've been best friends since they were 9-years-old. Met in Little Whinging. The two joined The Covenant when they were eleven, thanks to Max's older brother Mortimer (Morti), who was a new recruit/member at the time. At the same time, they met Amethyst, Seraphine and Jordin, who had also joined that year, for they were old enough (eleven).

    The next year, they met Sindi, Morgan and Zachary, who joined the organization then.


    0 Can join The Covenant at eleven-years-old
    0 From ages eleven to sixteen, they must go through FIVE years of boot camp/training.
    0 Only once they have passed training (usually at age sixteen or sixteen and a half), are they actually known as a member.


    0 Shooting a Gun - Target practic
    0 Hand-To-Hand Combat
    0 Physical Education - Training their body
    0 Hunting/Scouting - Also taught along with Target Practice
    0 Archery
    0 Special Weaponry - Swords, Daggers, etc.

    0 Seraphine and Amethyst are both semi-rivals, as they are both fighting for Harry's attention/affection.

    is gorgeous, with long jet-black hair and beautiful sapphire blue eyes, blood-red lips and a pale complexion. She has a very luscious figure.
    She stands at: 5 foot 7
    Her hair length is: Mid-back length
    Personality: Nice and lively - a little bit outspoken, but a lovely girl all the same.
    AMETHYST is a hybrid, part vampire and part veela. She is drop-dead gorgeous with beautiful pale-blond/silver hair, and amethyst (a deep purple) eyes, plush reddish-pink lips and soft and fair porcelain skin/complexion.
    She stands at: 5 foot 6 or 5 foot 7
    Her hair length is: Waist-length
    Personality: Sometimes rather quiet, but around friends she is talkative and lively. She is very nice, and she cares deeply for her loved ones.

    Which one should become Harry's 'Ooh-la-la' lover? I'm having a difficult time deciding which one I would like him to end up with. I AM leaning toward Amethyst, but I don't know...

    I would absolutely LOVE some help with writing this fic. If anyone is wanting to volunteer their help, I would totally appreciate it!


    Someone could adopt it!

    I would definitely let someone take over...actually, I haven't even started it yet, so really you would be working from scratch. All I ask is that you ask me first, and that you go along with the guideline, if not all the way, then at least a little bit. PLEASE keep the names of the characters, their ages and their race and relations!

    Oh, and Harry MUST be the number one character and I'd prefer not to have ANY Ron/Hermione pairing in the fic. I will not read the fic if the story isn't Harry-centric or if there is even a tiny little bit of Ron/Hermione. Sorry, I just can't stand that pairing...

    Other than that...HAVE FUN with it! If you can put up with my strict guidelines a requirements, you may most definitely adopt it. Heck, if more than one person wants to try to take it on and write it their own way - while still sticking to the requirements stated above - I'll even consider letting that happen.

    HOWEVER - I will have to draw the line at 3 people. Only 3 may adopt it. All you have to do is ask...

    Please, tell me what you think of my Brainstorming and leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you all think!

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