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[08 Oct 2016|03:52pm]

My second is Will Stratton, codename Sandman. He's got sleep, dream and memory manipulation abilities with a helping of Inception-style Compulsion. So he knows you still have nightmares about that time you had to go to the ER when you stuck a Lego up your nose when you were five, kiddo. He could erase that memory for you, too, if it's still too (hilariously) traumatizing. Or he could make you do it again if he thinks you deserve it. Slip me juicy details about stuff he shouldn't know but does for drama if you'd like.

Will is from a snooty, upper class, negligent socialite family. Blue Blood 'Merica, you peasants! He knows way too much about people and how messed up and dark they can be as a result of his abilities. He has a sharp, dry sense of humor and is fairly emotionally closed off. After a string of several bad nights of dreams he can get vitriolic, as he can't shut off what he receives. The people he really connects with though, he keeps. For them, he has a monumental amount of patience and empathy, and he definitely won't have unrealistic expectations of perfection. Even for the token Mary Sue. He knows she's secretly super kinky and cheated on her SATs. ;)

He swears. He flirts excessively. He snarks. He has overly expressive eyebrows to judge you with. He has spectacular male resting bitch face. He's Richie Rich who had a Stark kid level wake up call about the world early on. Please come love him and make him uncomfortable.

I want everything. ❤

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[08 Oct 2016|02:32pm]

Hi SDC! I'm Annie. Excited to almost be here. I'd like to bring in two. I'll split em up in two posts to keep chat uncluttered. Please give me plots and all the lines from super crazy or dark to cute and between. I'll shower you in Cheetos, 80s boombox-outside-your-window montages and love and stuff. ;)

My first is Jolene Weiss, codename Eris. Jo is a farmer's daughter from Alabama named for a Dolly Parton song dedicated to a serial homewrecker. Her Mum didn't see anything weird about that. That should tell you plenty about her. She was a child pageant star before it was cool (looking at you, honey boo boo) and wanted to be a country singer when she grew up. Instead, Jo fell in love with a local methhead she thought was super dreamy when she was 17, dropped out of high school to marry him and went on a Bonnie & Clyde robbery spree without the homicidal bits. Moderation, good decision making skills and normalcy aren't really in her DNA. She loves excitement, challenges and novelty, is a sucker for bad people and fix'er'uppers of all kinds, and has a hard time saying no. She has a drive to prove herself as more than a hick going nowhere she'll never cop too, and is a hopeless romantic at heart in the sense that she dreams big and might be too optimistic (or just unrealistic) for her own good. She's also a little too familiar with alcohol, if you catch my drift.

Powers: Molecular Manipulation, Telekinesis, Chaotic Force Fields. (Think of her as a Beverly Hillbilly Scarlet Witch)

Looking for friends, non-friendlies, bad influences, training partners, flirtations & past flings, people she'd have known from her prior facility (appalachians) supers she might have been partially responsible for bringing in who might have a vendetta, or even people who might remember her ridiculous national news crime spree from TV several years back.

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[06 Oct 2016|05:39pm]

K, this is Finna with my fourth -and final- kiddo. I'm not sure I can call him a kiddo ... Oh well.

This is Jasper, a handler. Full bio here. As a super, he was nabbed by the gub'ment back in 1997 after scratching out a living as a runaway. He was transferred to the the Texan SDC facility when it opened in 2009, and graduated from the agency program in 2012. Because his ability (Monster Physiology) makes him a poor fit for civilian life, he's gone career.

While he's rather empathetic to the issues and injustices his agents deal with for obvious reasons, he's been a part of the system for so long and has such a driving survival instinct that he'll sometimes just tell them to buck up and deal with it. For the most part he's a flexible, workable sort and openly socializes with agents, who he generally treats as coworkers. He knows procedure, tradecraft and tactical work backward and forward but isn't a military flunky, so he has a habit of putting a bit of a fresh twist on things others might not. Sometimes with mixed results. He's like a 6'5 Ethan Hunt. Loves the Yankees, Jazz, Old Americana and Noire, is an absolute coffee snob, can't stomach wearing anything fancier than a henley or tee under his suit coat instead of a button down, speaks Greek and Italian, collects old Prohibition-Era flasks, shot glasses and speakeasy miscellany, and has a not-so-secret obsession with Unsolved Mysteries and other 80s throwbacks. No, he's not a cinnamon roll or secretly all nougat on the inside.

Lines? Love? General thoughts? Gimme stuff and let me love you. <3

PS - Jasper has a partner whom he's been with since he was 16. This person is essentially his entire family, the person he's most loyal to, period, the end, and is a vital part of his function as a character and in the SL moving forward and I'd LOVE to see him/her in game. Come chat with me if you're interested! Details here. Apologies for length! It's complicated.
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[24 Sep 2016|09:58pm]

hey everyone. looking for some lines for this girl. this is vivienne eastman. if you want the full scoop check out her bio over here. the cliffs notes version is: she was born and raised in chicago by adoptive parents. she was just working as a barista at a starbucks until she got pulled into a detention facility for sending some guy trying to mug her into a parallel universe. her powers include quantum (physics) manipulation and she's been teetering into dark matter manipulation, which gives her a small ability to warp reality. her powers take A LOT of energy so she can only perform big feats once before needing to stop and rest and recharge. in small doses she can create little portals and travel through to parallel dimensions, though she has occasionally been stuck places until she's able to recharge. she's considered a class alpha because even though she can't do a lot all at once, she can create a lot of damage with one big burst of her abilities. she's been in detention since she was twenty-two and she's pretty fucking angry about it. she's a bit of a time bomb and has just been released to start working with the sdc.

i could use everything for lines. someone who knew her before she was picked up for using her powers, other superlatives she was in detention with, handlers who don't like dealing with her attitude, other superlatives she's worked with since being picked up by the sdc, etc. hit me up and let's brainstorm something.
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