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    Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
    2:07 pm
    It's sad to see no activity on this asylum... Well, here's some icons! Most of them are from Suikoden V, but there are a few from the earlier games. There may be some spoilers for Suikoden V if you have not finished the game. Proceed at your own risk.


    More icons behinds the cut... )

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    Thursday, June 24th, 2004
    8:50 pm
    'ello there. :)
    i saw this on the front page and jumped on it. i'm not exactly sure if this is the only community dedicated to the suikoden series or not, but i'm not taking any chances.

    my name's kayla, and i've cosplayed suikoden once. it was the suikoden iii character chris lightfellow in her field outfit (i tried the armour and rather gave up). i never cared much for suikoden ii but am a rabid fan of the first and third suikodens. so uhm. hi :)

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