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Premise. [Wed Mar 05, 2008 at 8:56pm]
Strawberry Hills.

Opening Day: Postponed till we get 3 more applications.

We're a regular community but with only ONE supernatural twist...
Death works at the library and no one realizes it.

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OOC Community

As our name suggests, this town is into strawberries. Chocolate covered or fresh off the vine, you'll love it here and for those who are allergic... Well, don't worry about a thing. The people of Strawberry Hills will be sure to make you feel more than welcome...or atleast try.

Strawberry Hills is a town in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, 40 miles southwest of Wilkes Barre along the Susquehanna River. In 1900, the population of Strawberry Hills stood at 6,170; in 1910, 7,413; in 1940, 9,799, and in 1990, 12,439. The population was 12,375 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Columbia County.

The first signs of European settlement date to the year 1772, when James McClure established a log cabin in the area. Until the mid-nineteenth century, it was just a small village, known as the Strawberry Township.
For more than a century, starting from its incorporation on March 4, 1870, Strawberry Hills held the distinction of being the only incorporated town in Pennsylvania. While other municipalities are often commonly referred to as towns, they were all officially classified as either cities, boroughs, or townships. Strawberry Hills still uses the slogan of "The only TOWN in Pennsylvania," and state government publications continue to recognize Strawberry Hills as "the only incorporated town" in Pennsylvania. However, in 1975, McCandless Township, in Allegheny County adopted a home rule charter under the name "Town of McCandless".

As for the town's history with Strawberries... The ruby fruit was brought over from Europe and flourished in the rich soil only found here at Strawberry Hills. However, few people outside of this small community realize the town supplies strawberries due to it being located in Pennsylvania. People instead consider places like California and Illinois to be the strawberry kings.

Pennsylvania's diverse geography produces a variety of climates. Straddling two major zones, the southeastern corner of the state posses the warmest climate. Strawberry Hills lies at the southernmost tip of the Humid continental climate zone, with some characteristics of the Humid subtropical climate that lies in Delaware and Maryland to the south. Moving toward the mountainous interior of the state, the climate becomes markedly colder, the number of cloudy days increases, and winter snowfall amounts are greater. Western areas of the state, particular cities near Lake Erie can receive over 100 inches (250 cm) of snowfall annually, and the entire state receives plentiful rainfall throughout the year.

Strawberry Hills children are served by two public elementary schools; P.S. 21 and P.S. 47. Both schools are considered to be fine establishments. However, P.S. 47 produces higher standarized test scores and is well known for their art and music programs. It is also a smaller school with around 600 students.

People looking for a high school need not travel outside of Strawberry Hills. The community has one public high school, John Adams, that is located right by the Strawberry Hills Library and a private high school called The Jameson Academy. Both school are coed but only The Jameson Academy is lucky enough to have funding for numerous after school clubs. Out of the two, John Adams has the most students.

For people ready for college there is Strawberry Hills University. It is one of the 14 institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and has about 4,600 undergraduate and 800 graduate students. On campus there is a main library that also has internet access so students can bring their laptops or use any of the many computers there. The college mascot is a giant strawberry with huge cartoon eyes and the main sport is swimming with basketball not too far behind.

The second college is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Students wishing to attend FDR must take an entrance exam. There are around 4,000 undergraduates and 600 graduate students. The school's Childhood Education department is rated number one in the state.

Medical Care:
Strawberry Hills Hospital has state of the art technology and is well known for performing top notch heart surgeries. (Of course that should be expected due to how similar the heart and strawberry look.)

Private Practices (coming soon)

Strawberry Hills Mall has over 100 stores for all your shopping needs. It's a great place for teens to find jobs at the stores and enjoy shopping with their friends. It is considered the main hangout place. (Yes, big business has managed to find us but we're still pretty small.) The mall is isn't too far from the FDR college.

The Shop Around the Corner is a small bookstore with rare and expensive books that you can only find there. However, if you're not into book collecting or would rather a cup of coffee while you read, then Strawberry Hills also has a Barnes&Noble.

Besides your typical store and school jobs, there are the strawberry farms.

Coming soon. Have an idea? Contact a mod.

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