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[12 Jul 2018|03:40pm]

[info]idyllic is a Marauders Era premade group PSL, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron. The game is set in 1979 during the First Wizarding War and focuses on a group of privileged Wizarding World elite who have retreated to the countryside to escape the brewing conflict.
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[11 Jul 2018|11:15am]

Looking for a psl or two. My interests include post-apocalyptic settings, supernatural, medieval fantasy, dystopian futures, and science fiction. Gen and het preferred.
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[08 Jul 2018|02:26pm]

anyone looking for chanyeol or a chanyeol shaped character? :) i don't have much in my journal as of right now, but check it if you like!
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K-Drama Inspired Casual PSL [07 Jul 2018|07:23pm]

I'm newly returned from a long hiatus, so I'm still trying to get my bearings. What I'm looking for is a casual PSL that is very heavily based on K-Dramas. Both scenarios are hetero and I'd like to play the female lead. This has been cross posted.

I'd like to do a Noona/Dongsaeng relationship. With someone like Bobby from Ikon, Jackson from Got7, Kai from EXO, or someone similar (am open to suggestions). A reasonable age gap, no more than 10.

Or an arranged marriage line between two mega-corporations in Korea (or Korea-Japan or Korea-China, etc). The arrangement will save the parent's company/standing/political agenda/etc.
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[07 Jul 2018|08:53pm]

Can I get an Artem for my Nicole? She misses her dancing partner and could use the company/distraction.
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In search for the Dragon [06 Jul 2018|11:43am]

Anyone PB CW’s Arrow Ricardo Diaz and would be wanting to build an empire with this little Russian-American lady assassin??
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[05 Jul 2018|07:33am]

Looking for some lighthearted, smut-driven, hetero one-offs or short-term lines (particularly with a superhero feel). Check the journal for info, and reply there if interested.
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[23 Jun 2018|11:18pm]

I have two psls I'm looking to fill. Details here and both lines involve body horror to a certain level, with involuntary magic or medical caused surrogacy.
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[22 Jun 2018|09:35am]

any chance anyone would try playing brendon against ryan? i had something in mind
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[14 Jun 2018|11:54am]

Hook for an NC-17 friendly Captain Swan line?
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[12 Jun 2018|07:40pm]

So I play this guy over at [info]repose and I'd love to find a Zendaya PB for his bestie. Maybe they knew each other before he ran away with the circus, or maybe she's the one that tempted him into running away. Either way, lets work something out. Comments are screened.
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[08 Jun 2018|06:11am]
looking for a long term slash line, have a specific idea in mind
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[04 Jun 2018|07:13am]

I'm seeking a few psls at present. Pokemon is always a fave, but am also interested in superhero psls, an Avatar/Korra one (would love to find someone willing to play as an AU!Korra, Ty Lee, or Azula in some AU!arranged marriage line opposite an OC) and other lines of a somewhat smuttier bent. Check the journal for all info, and if interested, contact me there!
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[02 Jun 2018|07:00am]

something for sharon needles, open to faces
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[29 May 2018|01:55pm]

I am looking for a slash romantic partner for this guy. He belongs to [info]capitolhillse, which is entirely made up of a small group of truly awesome people (both players and their characters). The community is LGBT-centric but welcoming to all characters and the expectations of the communities’ mod are very laidback. Even if you are not interested in my guy, this is a great home for characters looking for a hip Seattle backdrop and tons of opportunities to build meaningful friendships.
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after seeing this photo.... [29 May 2018|05:28am]

jbass would someone play zayn against liam payne, jake bass, or another model?
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[21 May 2018|03:18pm]
[info]chucktown is a new community based out of Charleston, SC. Game will be opening on 6/1 (or if we hit 10 applications before then). Feel free to check out the wanted page to see all the wanted lines. We hope to see you there!
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[17 May 2018|06:05am]

any chance i can score an ivy levan, jstar, any of his band-mates, anyone in general for davey? faces aren't everything and i'm open to new faces, but wishing for a drag queen against him one day!
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[13 May 2018|09:38am]

any chance i can score an ivy levan, jstar, any of his band-mates, anyone in general for davey? faces aren't everything and i'm open to new faces, but wishing for a drag queen against him one day!
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[12 May 2018|05:54pm]

Still hunting for a Pokemon line or two, but I list other stuff in my recently-updated IJ if that doesn't work for you. (As grad school just drew to a close, some largely fluffy/smutty stuff would be a much-desired palate cleanser.)

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