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[15 Jan 2018|01:21pm]

Longing for the old days of RP, where anyone would talk to everyone, and there was no elitist bullshit going on? Then check the wanted list and come be a part of [personal profile] ziggystardst, an active, inclusive, and tight-knit celeb community, reminiscent of the way things used to be in RP. No elitist bullshit, either.

[community profile] life_on_mars - Main Community
[community profile] diamond_dogs - Wanted List
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[13 Jan 2018|11:23am]

Currently seeking lighthearted, humorous, kink-driven story-driven smutty goodness in a variety of settings. (I'd particularly go for a superhero-esque line or noblebright high fantasy involving a warrior woman x badass bookworm mage/cleric pairing.) Check the journal for all info, and contact me there if interested (screened for privacy).

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[12 Jan 2018|10:23am]

Looking for lines with any of the following:

Age Gap
Period (Victorian, Dark Ages, Iron Age)
Fantasy (high preferred, Steam Punk, Diesel Punk, GoT inspired)
Different Race Romantic Pairings (human/elf, dragon/humanoid, werewolf/human, etc.)
Arranged Marriage with a twist (something happens to one of the original betrothed pair and another person is substituted)

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[12 Jan 2018|05:20am]
looking for someone that plays darren criss, colton haynes, either sprouse, joe jonas, nick jonas, chris colfer, adam lambert, matty healy, patrick stump, pete wentz, harry styles, zayn malik or liam payne (slash only please!)
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[12 Jan 2018|02:08am]

Wherefore art thou Remus?
Remus Lupin & Daphne Greengrass.

A magical prank gone wrong sends Daphne Greengrass back in time, to the seventh year of the Marauders. Despite knowing better, Daphne falls in love with the resident werewolf. Her heart breaks when she's unexpectedly yanked back into her own time two years later - just after saying yes to Remus's proposal.

In my head I have it that she never told Remus who or when she was from, but he might have put the pieces together over time. I am aiming to play Daphne.</sub>
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still searching [11 Jan 2018|07:17am]

someone commented but then never came through :( i'm hoping to find a p!nk, nikki, pam, kat von d or someone for my tommy lee. i'll put up a screened post if anyone is interested
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[10 Jan 2018|05:18am]

does anyone play nikki sixx, pam anderson, kat von d, any tattooed women or women of color, porn-stars, drag queens or trans-gender people?
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still hoping [09 Jan 2018|11:46am]

i'm not giving up and i'm not opposed to pbing sharon! but something fun, i've given up on finding an alaska so i'm open to other faces!
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[22 Dec 2017|07:40am]

Looking for a Pokemon line or two over Journal thread or E-mail (some specific info viewable here), preferably with a lighthearted adventurous/humorous tone fitting the anime and games as a whole (with a good deal of smutty goodness too). All needed info is provided in the IJ; if interested, contact me there (screened for privacy).

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[19 Dec 2017|02:29pm]

something fun and long-term for tommy lee
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[16 Dec 2017|04:31pm]

Hi all! I have a slightly deranged vampire ([info]vampsterling) over at [info]wdf_mod and I'm looking for another vampire or two he might have known back in the day. He's about 500 years old and was based in Germany, then followed European wars around for the carnage. He's also been imprisoned a couple of times so could have met someone there. He's a total ass who's never sorry, but fun in his own way I promise! It's a great established supernatural game with lots of other witches/werewolves/vampires etc from across Europe for plenty of other lines as well.
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[22 Nov 2017|04:29pm]
Is there anyone that is willing to play Chance the Rapper, either pb or celeb?
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[22 Nov 2017|10:20am]
looking for someone that's a fan of drag queens and would play one and maybe go to a community together? even someone trans like andreja, laverene, carmen, gigi would be great too!
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long shot [22 Nov 2017|09:26am]

can i get something for davey havok? someone that actually likes him please!
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[22 Nov 2017|01:04am]

This girl needs someone to teach her a thing or two about being less boring, also maybe someone to write about? Het or femme, lines or a home would be nice.
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[22 Nov 2017|01:00am]

Looking for het lines or a home for this girl. Brothers, fwb, her asshole ex???
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please check and comment the screened post i have in this journal [20 Nov 2017|04:51am]
looking for ANYONE willing to play nils, any drag queen, billie joe, ivy levan, adam lambert or anyone against davey havok. i'm actually willing to pay someone if you can play someone for me (long-term of course)
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[10 Nov 2017|05:13pm]

still hoping for something long-term for sharon needles
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ignore the icons [05 Nov 2017|03:36pm]

would someone be down for a slash line where it kind of revolves around gay pride?
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[05 Nov 2017|09:09am]

I'm looking for a casual, long term partner for slash lines. I reply at least twice a week and try to warn if I will be missing but sometimes I can squeeze in a few extra replies at work.

About me:
I play on GDocs and use email for lining and general communication.
I write third person, past tense, storybook style.
My starter posts can get lengthy but I typically write 2-3 paragraphs unless dialogue dictates otherwise.
I'm employed full time and live on USA Est.

Who I play:
Tom Holland (as Peter Parker or as PB)
Robert Downey Jr (as Tony Stark or as PB)
Tom Hiddleston (as Loki)
Mark Ruffalo (as Bruce Banner or as PB)

What I Want:
I love modern setting Marvel AUs but also just enjoy a good slice of life. I'm interested in character interaction and relationship building but also don't mind a good bit of smut. My characters tend to be switches but each have different preferences. I like including outside characters and side-lines, such as ex lovers, friends, family members, etc.
If you want a fast paced, quick moving line, you won't find it with me. I want a fun, easy going line without excessive angst or drama but I promise it won't be boring.

Pairings I'm Most Interested In:
Banner/Thor (me as Banner)
Banner/Loki (I'll be either)

Also interested in:
Student/Coach (I'll be either)
(Doctor, Lawyer, Businessman, etc)/Intern (I'll be either)
Class Differences
Nerd/Jock (I'll be the "nerd")

I'll pair against non-Marvel PBs, just ask!
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