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[14 Aug 2017|11:15am]
could i get get something long-term for twiggy ramirez (jeordie white) or davey havok?
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[05 Aug 2017|06:47am]

Currently looking for some Pokemon lines and some lighthearted modern-day superheroics. Check the journal for all the needed info.
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[27 Jul 2017|05:09pm]
would someone be interested in a long-term slash line? i have specifics in mind!
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Multi Dimensional PSL [27 Jul 2017|10:56am]

Hello! I've got a PSL that I would love filled! If you wanna take a gander, it's here and it's on the darker side if you're into more sensitive and "taboo" content.

The PB's that I'm looking to write against for this line:
- Dane DeHaan
- Grant Gustin
- Alexander Vlahos

Hope to speak with you!
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[25 Jul 2017|07:28pm]

Anyone wanna PB Dane DeHaan against my girl Mosh here? She's a prima ballerina with a LOT of skeletons in her closet, she's looking for a real companionship and she'll try to not corrupt whomever is interested in her, but I'm not making any promises!
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i know this is a long shot [24 Jul 2017|05:06am]
i've been currently watching queer as folk, is there any possible way someone could play a brian kinney character for me? or we could do two brian's together i don't mind!
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[22 Jul 2017|06:57am]

something long-term for Davey, would love ivy or nils even. I'll even settle for Adam Lambert. Anyone?
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[14 Jul 2017|05:01pm]

Looking for a couple psl's. Check the journal for more info.
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[09 Jul 2017|07:23pm]

Looking for thread-based PSLs for my Steve Rogers. Open to pairings, timelines, and universes (including alternate ones). MCU is absolutely fine by me, but on the off-chance that you happen to prefer the comics, I'm 616-savvy too. At the moment, I'd especially love any variation of Steve/Tony (either straight MCU or a 616!Steve/MCU!Tony crossover), Steve/Natasha, or maybe even a Steve/Diana DC/Marvel crossover.

Check the journal for more information!

Looking for a crossover PSL [09 Jul 2017|01:14am]

Anyone up for a DC/Marvel crossover PSL?
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long shot [08 Jul 2017|07:39am]

after watching an old video of max ryder/jake bass i wanted to see if anyone would be willing to play jake for me? either in pb or celeb? if not i'd really like to play max as a go go boy/porn star and your character would be the owner of the club he dances at and the owner of the porn website etc. I would love someone older for him if possible
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[07 Jul 2017|03:39pm]

i know this will be a long shot, but would someone play jake bass, another porn model, actor, or musician against max ryder?
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[05 Jul 2017|05:48am]

does anyone slash pete wentz, ryan ross, brendon urie, or joe/nick jonas? i'm also looking for someone to try their shot at gerard way or frank iero (pb or celeb), eliza cuts or lyn-z i'm looking for as well!
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[02 Jul 2017|08:30am]


Is anyone interested in developing a slash psl with this character based on the above setting? I'm looking for something high-fantasy with magic, swords, dragons and everything else that makes that genre so much fun. Mazin here was created with loose Dungeon & Dragons guidelines in mind but you don't need to have any knowledge or experience with D&D (no need to role dice of anything). Members of his team would be great (exsisting or new) so give me your thieves, treasure hunters, warriors and resistance members, but I'd be equally as happy with the smuggler they hire to get them into/out of a city, a prisoner they need to break out because he knows the way to some lost ruin thy need to find, the loyal Sovereignty agent that has been working as a mole in the resistance, or anyone else that you can think of. I'd be happy with any race (human, dwarf, elf, half-orc, tiefling or even dragon), I just want to write a fantasy adventure.
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[25 Jun 2017|07:28am]
does anyone play ivy levan or adam lambert?
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Looking for Dean Winchester! - If I get two or one who wants to write two lines the better! [23 Jun 2017|09:46pm]

Looks like I lost my two Dean's before we even started to write :(

So- Any Dean Winchester who wants to PSL against a female OC?

My preferred PBs for the PSL Under the cut: Emma Stone. Scarlett Johansson. Imogen Poots.

Possible plot under the cut )

The PB I chose for a starter you can find here -->

Is Imogen Poots

If you like the starter, don't fret about the length, I don't write a Bible as a reply when I thread. Usually I try to work with what I'm given by the other character/writer and match it.
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[19 Jun 2017|04:41pm]
does anyone play any alternative looking gals anymore? (tattoos/dyed hair/piercings/etc?), selena gomez, taylor swift, evan rachel wood, jess or lisa from the veronicas, either of the millionares, miley, demi gigi hadid, slash liam payne, harry styles, nick jonas, joe jonas, zayn malik, justin bieber, brendon urie, or ryan ross?
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[18 Jun 2017|01:35pm]
Idris Elba for a slash line with my +30 guy? Something with a deeper plot but definitely kink friendly.
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[15 Jun 2017|07:34pm]

Looking for a few het smutty lines involve some role-reversal and superhero antics. Check the journal for lines and info.

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James McAvoy come hither [12 Jun 2017|11:03pm]

Anyone interested in a PSL and PB'ing James against my cute little elf of a girl? A few years back she was hired by his father filling what she thought to be a governess role in their mansion but really his dad is the ringleader of a human trafficking ring?

They are rich, James PB has no idea but it would be cool if he found out. They could have a little crush on each other that they've never acted on, for different reasons, and my girl is terrified of his father because he basically owns her.

Comment here or PM if interested 😁
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