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[25 Jun 2017|07:28am]
does anyone play ivy levan or adam lambert?
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Looking for Dean Winchester! - If I get two or one who wants to write two lines the better! [23 Jun 2017|09:46pm]

Looks like I lost my two Dean's before we even started to write :(

So- Any Dean Winchester who wants to PSL against a female OC?

My preferred PBs for the PSL Under the cut: Emma Stone. Scarlett Johansson. Imogen Poots.

Possible plot under the cut )

The PB I chose for a starter you can find here -->

Is Imogen Poots

If you like the starter, don't fret about the length, I don't write a Bible as a reply when I thread. Usually I try to work with what I'm given by the other character/writer and match it.
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[19 Jun 2017|04:41pm]
does anyone play any alternative looking gals anymore? (tattoos/dyed hair/piercings/etc?), selena gomez, taylor swift, evan rachel wood, jess or lisa from the veronicas, either of the millionares, miley, demi gigi hadid, slash liam payne, harry styles, nick jonas, joe jonas, zayn malik, justin bieber, brendon urie, or ryan ross?
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[18 Jun 2017|01:35pm]
Idris Elba for a slash line with my +30 guy? Something with a deeper plot but definitely kink friendly.
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[15 Jun 2017|07:34pm]

Looking for a few het smutty lines involve some role-reversal and superhero antics. Check the journal for lines and info.

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James McAvoy come hither [12 Jun 2017|11:03pm]

Anyone interested in a PSL and PB'ing James against my cute little elf of a girl? A few years back she was hired by his father filling what she thought to be a governess role in their mansion but really his dad is the ringleader of a human trafficking ring?

They are rich, James PB has no idea but it would be cool if he found out. They could have a little crush on each other that they've never acted on, for different reasons, and my girl is terrified of his father because he basically owns her.

Comment here or PM if interested 😁
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[12 Jun 2017|07:22am]
looking for someone interested in trying to play an alt model, or a porn star that's heavily tattooed, would even take someone trans or a drag queen against benji madden, davey havok, mike ness, billie joe armstrong, dave navarro, jay gordon, brian 'head' welch spider one from powerman 5000, mike from mxpx, jeph from the used, tim armstrong from rancid, jonathan davis, twiggy ramirez, tony lovato, etc.
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i know its a long shot [11 Jun 2017|11:01am]

nikki for tommy? i'll do het as well, but i've been searching forever for a nikki :(
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[31 May 2017|09:21pm]

Seeking some hetero fandom lines (especially over-the-top modern-day superheroics or Pokemon lines) involving lighthearted high adventure, humor/comedy, levity, and--in full disclosure--smut. All needed info's in my Journal; if interested, comment there (screened for privacy).
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[29 May 2017|09:02pm]

Any treasure hunters, dragon slayers or farm boys out there want to go on and adventure and help take down an evil empire with this rebel conjurer? Mazin is an uptight, stubborn idealist so a roguish, laid back guy would be great to balance him out. Perhaps a Taylor Kitsch faced pirate, a Tom Hopper swordsman, a Channing Tatum bounty hunter, or an aspiring hero with Kellan Lutz's face?

Mazin was made using Dungeon and Dragons as inspiration but he can be played in any high-fantasy setting and preferably in an original setting.

Slash and threading please.
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Looking for a Victorian PSL or small RP group [21 May 2017|03:20pm]

I've been thinking about writing a Victorian based multi-line story with Penny Dreadful-esque undertones, Dracula undertones if anyone would be interested. I have a few ladies and lads I would like to write and would like at least one or two others to write along with me. Comment here or PM for more information! :)
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no rude comments please [15 May 2017|04:35pm]

something for sharon needles, i love dramatic lines with some fluff in them too
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[13 May 2017|08:12pm]

would anyone play someone against Davey Havok? I'm open to faces but a drag queen, alt model, Adam Lambert or any suggestions would be fine!
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[13 May 2017|02:23am]

Somewhat pitifully seeking a Spock to join his crew mates over at [info]boldlygomod! Not even necessarily for shipping (Though I'm not opposed!) But Beyond left things very open ended for these two and I'd love to see where it could go. Plus bff Kirk and non bff Bones and how can you turn down those pretty faces??
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[12 May 2017|02:05pm]

Seeking some hetero fandom lines (especially modern-day superheroics, some Disney-esque antics or Pokemon lines) involving lighthearted high adventure, humor/comedy, levity, some fluff, and--in full disclosure--smut. I'm not looking for a deadly-serious, morose narrative drenched in tragedy and angst.

All the needed info's in my Journal; if interested, comment there (screened for privacy). And if not, then I hope you soon find a more suitable partner!
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[08 May 2017|10:19pm]

[info]blackcatmod I am looking for some flings of the male persuasion for Lydia here. She really enjoys having fun and trying new things. She is pretty much 100% against committed relationships because she thinks they're boring (granted she doesn't have much experience with them), so this would be strictly friends with benefits (at least on her end). I am pretty open about age and other character details, so long as they enjoy sex.
PB Suggestions: Jesse Williams, Tobias Sorensen, David Beckham, Eric Dane, Alex Pettyfer, Kyle Harris
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From the grave [08 May 2017|07:19pm]

Hello my pretties!

I have this journal from a half remembered dream and was kind of feeling like Dasha here needs a vamp or wolf to play with. Any takers? I'm having a major case of writer's block in my personal writing and need a wall breaker. Doesn't have to be smutty, but that's definitely not prohibited.

I've got her Character Profile here if you'd like to take a gander. Also, PB is not firm.
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[05 May 2017|10:29am]

[info]blackramblers a guy for her would make my weekend
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[04 May 2017|04:00pm]

something fun and a little dramatic for davey havok
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[30 Apr 2017|07:48am]

something long-term for sharon needles, i really would love another queen for the line, especially alaska, but someone like jared leto would be great or another musicin/actor but i'm not picky at all.
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