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As we build our birdhouses, remember: what you're making is a home. Not a cage. A bird is free, and will do what it will. This is for them, not us. They're loyal creatures. If you love them and they love you, they will always find you.

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advert [09 Dec 2015|02:00pm]


the next chapter

Underworld. Hell. Purgatory. Wherever dark deeps of the world
that Emma and her family have gone, it's far from Storybrooke
and time marches on.

Perhaps one day, they will return; victorious and triumphant.
But until that day, life in this little town continues.
Little ones grow up and history becomes legend, stuck between
pages of books forgotten in the town library.
Outside, decades pass. High school happens. Political war.
And of course, family rivalries.

Storybrooke is just another town without magic.

Unless someone can find a way to bring it back ...

or the end of the book
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cast [09 Dec 2015|03:02pm]

canon cast


other cast

adelaide _ rumplestiltkin's mother

application [09 Dec 2015|02:59pm]

Nope. There is no actual application sheet.
Just fill out a brief profile in the layout of your choice,
bring it up to the canon point of Season 5, post it in your
journal and then comment here with the link.

Questions? Let me know!

wanted & holds [09 Dec 2015|02:59pm]

comment here to hold a character


Henry Mills
Neal Swan
Roland Hood

children of Phillip & Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel and Eric,
Zelena and any other fairytale characters.

all canon characters.

rules & faq [09 Dec 2015|02:53pm]


what canon characters are allowed?
all of them. yes. all of them.

what about non-canon characters from other fairytales?
sure! Just ask me which character you want to bring in
and I'll let you know how to fit them in.

well, what about original characters?
I would love them! Storybrooke is a big town now
and it's gonna need a lot of characters.

any other questions, feel free to ask!


be respectful.

have fun.

be active.

premise [09 Dec 2018|02:25pm]


Post!Season5 Finale

Fifteen years ago, Emma Swan and her family left for the Underworld
to rescue her true love. The friends and loved ones who were left
behind held out hope for their return, always keeping vigil.

Days. Weeks. Months. Years.

A decade and a half. Still no sign of those who walked willingly
down into hell. Some still remember but hope is flickering
and many have moved on.

Like its many inhabitants, Storybrooke has grown. There's much
more to the town now; new buildings, streets, schools.
There's even a new 'power'.

The sheriff's department and the mayor's office have combined
forces and hold a tight pull over its citizens. For the most
part, everyone gets along just fine. But of course, there are
some who think there is too much power between the two families
and try to find ways to bring them down. And they're willing
to do pretty much anything to do it.

Life has moved on from fairytales and magic.

But magic can't stay hidden forever.

And it's bringing people back. People who have been long gone.

Someone's opened the door to the Underworld.

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