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log: wes + noel [03 Jan 2016|05:10pm]

Who: Wes Watley & Noel Lennox
Where: Noel's apartment
What: Wes helps Noel gets home after his episode at Del's

Perhaps they were all crazy, but Wes sincerely doubted that. )

be back in a few! [14 Dec 2015|01:54am]

Okay hi! Jojo and I are going away on a trip until Wednesday and we don't know what the internet situation will be -- but I don't want to have anyone held back regarding our bit intro thread so I was wondering if we wanted to kind of vaguely discuss how it might go so that two-person threads can also happen, etc?

♥ We'll be back Wednesday and I'll tag/respond to stuff whenever I have internets!

[07 Dec 2015|07:40pm]

Thought I'd go ahead and post a new meme! This one is going around my f-list:

01) Does your character believe in true love or soul mates? Love at first sight?
02) Are they or have they ever been in love?
03) What are their general feelings about sex?
04) How do they feel about sex without love?
05) What about sex before marriage?
06) What counts as cheating and is cheating forgivable?
07) Have they or would they ever cheat?
08) Are they a virgin?
09) First partner? Most recent?
10) What sort of experience do they have with sex?
11) How comfortable are they with their body?
12) With their partner's body?
13) Who gave them "The Talk"?
14) Post-sex habits? Weird habits?

30 Days Meme [03 Dec 2015|11:52pm]

So this is the super fun, super crazy Thirty Days of Character Development meme, but with some awesome changes originally made by Kait for our old game, and with some more changes by me just now. I thought it would be a cool way to help us develop our little corners of the world a little bit more. Decided to post it all at once, but no reason we can't answer a few at a time. Less pressure, more creativity!

The Thirty Days Meme )

ooc (kait) [03 Dec 2015|10:04pm]


LOG: Noel and Del [29 Nov 2015|02:12pm]

WHO: Noel Lennox and Del ??
WHAT: Noel begrudingly takes up the case of the Missing Asian Man
WHERE: Initially, Lower East Side

How many times had he seen this place in his dreams and seen the robot girl here? )

BACKSTORY: Noel Lennox [29 Nov 2015|09:32am]

WHO: Noel Lennox, when he was still John Noel Goodeve
WHAT: Noel wakes up from surgery and wants his Mum
WHEN: Age 12
WHERE: Great Ormond Street Hospital

She would say the words to make this all okay. )

log: wes + yoona [29 Nov 2015|01:55am]

Who: Wes Watley & Yoona Park
Where: Watley's Books
What: Yoona comes in search of help

Everything was gray and damp. )

Tags Post [28 Nov 2015|04:03pm]


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