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Jan. 4th, 2009


To anyone who still wants to RP....

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Bring new characters- bring old ones. Active mods, just starting out.

Dec. 29th, 2008


Following. Sorry.


Sorry but I'm going to leave too. Thanks for the fun. Please remove [info]astimegoesby and [info]kinetically. Thank you.


Just dropping a message to the mod. After much deliberation, I have decided to leave the game and would like to pull both my characters out. Its not any fault of the mod's, and I hope to play again with you soon. Take care and have fun.


Sorry guys, but I'm pulling out as well. :) Thanks, it was fun while it lasted. Please remove [info]canseeyou, [info]shirk and [info]wheedle when possible. ♥


hey there, mods. unfortunately, i'm going to pull my kiddies out of the game. please remove them from the game so people don't have to deal with posts when/if i reuse the journals. thanks!

eta. that would be [info]fifthsense & this journal, obviously.

Dec. 25th, 2008


Not that this will impact anyone, but courtesy note: I've asked the mod to remove Josiah from the game. The muse has fled.

Dec. 22nd, 2008


I just want to post this quickly. I'm visiting family in Manchester over Christmas, and in the new year, will be in a local play. So I will probably barely post, unless necessary or I have an RP I need to finish. I know most of you wont care, but I thought I'd inform you :). Also, I'll be on MSN or AIM during the time on my phone, so just ask for either of them and we can talk though there, if you want to. :)

Dec. 17th, 2008


Just a heads up guys!!

Because Rune is deathly cheeky, and feels like the student body has forgotten his presence (exampled by Joey not even knowing who he was: see HERE), he is going to strip everyone in the Cathedral on Thursday morning during Prayers. Nuns included. What he's going to do with the clothes, you shall see! Its up to you what you want your pup to be doing at the time. There won't be any mention of names... but I'm pretty sure there'll be a big fuss about it... sooooo :) Feel free to have your character be stripped, watching the stripping, getting out of prayers by whatever means....

Of course, the scenario of naked nuns and possibly naked students running around school will be funny to play with, no? Or mentally disturbing.... :P

But there'll be havoc, oh yes, there'll be havoc. All because Rune feels as if he isn't notorious enough. FEEL THE NINJA!

Alternatively, you can comment here what you think your character will be doing, and/or if you mind them being stripped.

Peace out! :P

Major Announcement
Just thought I'd mention two things!

1. He'll only strip down students to their underwear. Nuns, priests and teachers however, are going to be stripped to their birthday suits... Expect horrifying images of old naked nuns.
2. I won't be mentioning who I'm going to strip, but do comment so that others know, and can work accordingly. For example: if Remi gets stripped, and he suddenly bumps into Penelope = awkward staring fun?
Besides, its not like Rune can choose who he strips. Its just his hands and legs moving on automatic. It'll take awhile for his brain to catch up! :P

That said, hope you guys'll enjoy the show!! And keep plotting for more fun St. Augustine action! :)


Taken PBs

Here's a list of the Taken PBs sorted by male and female.

Enjoy! :)

Taken PBs )

Dec. 16th, 2008


Back again!

IT'S QUINN! Back again with her second character. This is Neveah Taylor and anything you can do, she can do better. And by anything that means anything physical...and by better I mean exactly the same but with snappy comments.

Her power is Adoptive Muscle Memory, which is handy for her since she's a flakey girl who lacks a sense of stick-to-it-ness. Because she lacks tact, diplomacy, and a filter between her thoughts and her mouth she has a personality like an uncensored radio station. She's a trendy geek who likes fashion, chemistry, and Super Smash Brothers. AND SHE HATES THE WII!

Neveah is available for all things plot and prestablished relationship and future interactions! As usually I'm reachable for it all at xAirRockCelebx.


one can read your mind while the other BLOWS your mind oh snap

... or maybe not BUT HI. this is CJ here with two new characters! a few of you already know me [HAI GUYS :D], but for those who do not, here is a brief rundown: one of those Crazy Harry Potter roleplay kids, in various games for about four years; i'm 27 years old shit i am OLD and... really, i think that's about as interesting as it gets. :| let's move on to the characters, shall we?
→ Charlotte Miller ([info]fifthsense) | Telepathy: A sweet but dimwitted girl with magic boobs. She's 16 years old, into the typical girly things like shopping and makeup, and is a spoiled rich girl. Her parents are both Ivy League educated lawyers, one brother is at MIT, and the other is fielding lacrosse scholarships from the likes of Brown and Boston College. In conclusion: Charlotte has a tall order of expectations to live up to at St Augustine's. Not that she can see that, of course. She's just glad to be at a place where no one will diagnose her with a mental illness for being able to hear people's thoughts. Profile!

→ Sebastian Cartwright ([info]photographical) | Photographic Reflexes: His hair is his greatest asset. Alright, maybe not, but it's pretty damn awesome. Sebastian is cocky and carefree and every teenage girl's parents' worst nightmare. He's That Guy your mother and father always warned you about - smooth-talking and full of charm. Underneath the bravado, however, this is a young man afraid of being ordinary and of becoming like the father that abandoned him. But enough about his Daddy issues. Have you seen his hair? Profile!

and now that i've probably made the characters seem like fail [because i can TL;DR on my apps, but these intro posts never go well :|], HIT ME UP FOR PLOTTAGE/RELATIONSHIPS/ETC! :D you can leave comments here, or you can shoot me an IM at pinkfaerie81 on AIM... even though i'm about to actually leave for a while right now. but you know!



Hey ya'all! The name's Fish and I'm new to the gameplay here. 
I've been roleplaying for about six or seven years and floated around
places like LJ, gaia, invisionfree and MSN getting my kicks roleplay-style
here and there.

What we have here is little quirky Joanna Amelia Xander or Jax for short
and what she prefers to be called. The only people who call her Joanna
are her parents. The teachers, I'm assuming, would call her Miss Xander.
She'd even go for Miss X since it sounds so cool and looks pretty on paper.

Jax is fourteen and known mostly for her oddball ways. She's not a complete
freak like some of the kids around (loves to you freaks) but she's not
anywhere near normal either. Jax is also at the part of her life where she's
breaking out of her childhood and into adulthood so anyone wanting to help
this spotted butterfly try her wings out, give it a go!

Oh, FYI to you peoples: her power is animal morphing. Yep, she can change
into any animal she comes in contact with. So that should be fun, right?



Mia here, back with pup number 2 because I couldn't resist.

This is Josiah. For the Bible inclined, he was named after one of the twelve righteous kings of Judah. And while his namesake did a lot of good things what with going to war with Egypt, becoming king at the age of 8 and fathering four sons (not at the age of 8), this Josiah scores lower on the list of achievements.

He is an orphan and has been raised in the spirit of the Catholic faith since he was found as a toddler. As a result, he is good with following rules, obeying scripture and the nuns and bad with everything else that shapes a normal existence. Your character probably knows him as the weird robotic kid who speaks nonsense and sometimes to himself. Depending on whether your characters have a good memory, they might also recall seeing him walking in their dreams. He tends to be more talkative in there.

I'd love lines with everyone. Tormentors, friends, weirdly interested fellow students and faculty all welcome! You can poke me at kimchi rookie if you feel like plotting.


the ninja has landed!

What's up guys!? Its Rei here, who has Remington, the adorable lost puppy jock at [info]bullet_proof Bringing to you Ryuu Nakamura, better known as Ninja Rune or Rune to the rest of the student body. His past times include groping your characters, touching them inappropriately, speaking to them inappropriately, and basically zipping through school flipping skirts and stripping clothes. He's a social menace, aside from the lovable, quiet side of him which is deep, deep, deep... deeply buried down in all that playful playboy. He's your one-stop shop for cigs, weed, pot and anything illegal in a Catholic Highschool, he's got it. (Even some Mary Janes if you ask nicely.)

You can have a look at his profile, for a more in-depth feel to him, or chat with me on kouryuu rei on AIM. Peace out and ninja in!!

Dec. 15th, 2008


Beth again, with my latest and last character, a teleporter named Jay. He's a jock and a closet geek who's addicted to learning. He's pretty friendly, he likes to party *cough*and he's a bit of a slut*cough* and I'd love to work out backstory for him.


Val here, with my third character, Corrin.

Corrin is a sweetheart. A southern girl who loves clothes almost as much as she loves cars and makes friends easily. Feel free to hit me up for plotting, because honestly she's bouncing around in my head crazy for some new friends. :)

Dec. 16th, 2008


Hey, hey.

I'm Mia and this is Faith, another gifted student proudly pretending to buy into the St Augustine dream. She is 17, of mixed Japanese and American descent, tiny and loud. Her power is to induce feelings of bliss and horror in others, fact which she controls quite poorly on a conscious level. She has one sister who is also enrolled at the school and few friends.

I'd love to plot and play with all of you. I'm online at kimchi rookie on AIM pretty much nonstop (at least for another week) and if I'm not, leave a message or a PM and I'll get back to you.

Dec. 15th, 2008


Hi, hey, hello there. I'm new and I'm looking forward to playing with you all. ^.^♥ I'm RA, any my boy's name is Seungjae. He is short, socially awkward, and he probably needs to spend a little more time studying English. He has a phobia of touching other people, with good reason.

If I'm online I'm open to game. I can be reached on sizgldn (AIM) or drop me an email ( if you'd like to run some plot ideas my way.

Dec. 14th, 2008


'Tis Beth again, 'cause I figure I should probably introduce my three relatively new characters. This guy, Jackson, is blind and bitter about it, and it's his own damn fault--he's an all american bad boy fallen from grace thanks to his accident. And he'll have icons soon, really he will.

Then there's Sam ([info]startthefire), who's a friendly, kind tom boy with deep seated issues with fire thanks to a car accident when she was little, and unfortunately that's her power. She loves soccer and anything outdoorsy, and her motorcycle, which is a piece of crap, but it's her baby.

And finally Rosie ([info]neverthesame). Her power is shapeshifting, and she's got some insane self esteem and self image issues on her, constantly changing little things about her appearance to fit in. She doesn't like to put herself out there at all, preffering to stay in the background with her nose in a book, but once she has, she'll do anything to keep a friend. Pretty much literally anything, unfortunately. And she's no stranger to sex, drugs and alcohol because of it.

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