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Date: 2007-09-30 11:51
Subject: Emerald (Obi/Qui Drabble, Rated G)
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Title: Emerald - (167 Words)
Author: [info]jarkai_fic on LJ; [info]jarkai everywhere else
Notes: Obi/Qui, rated G, post-TPM. These characters belong to George Lucas, and we are making no profit from their use.

Later, when the jubilee had ended and the few remaining strands of his shorn braid had been swept from the floor, Obi-Wan took up the weapon again, igniting the lightsaber in the cool, dark confines of his room. The heat--he felt it at once, held the blade so close that his eyes began to blur. The green fire's brightness was obviously the cause of that, for what else could it be? Surely he could not be weeping.

Without a word, Obi-Wan switched the saber off, letting the night close in around him. He trembled, the hilt of the saber heavy in his hand.

Next door, Anakin tossed fitfully. He cried out twice for his mother--or perhaps for Qui-Gon--and was lapsed into silence again.

Breathing deep, Obi-wan ignited the blade once more. Trembling became a stance, a stance became a kata, a kata became another and another and another. The weapon became no lighter, but he did not let it go.

He could not.


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