Star Wars Fanfiction - June 18th, 2007

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Date: 2007-06-18 07:40
Subject: The Pick A Planet, Any Planet Comment Fic Challenge
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How the challenge works. It's easy!

1. Check out this spectacular hi-res fantasy map of the Star Wars galaxy by

2. Pick a planet off the map. It can be one that was featured in canon (movie, book, other) or one that was never explored. It's up to you!

3. Write a fic taking place on your planet of choice in the comments of this post (and this post only). Your fic must fit in one comment, which holds up to 4,300 characters (there is no minimum limit). It can be part of a longer piece, but it must be "new", not published anywhere else on the web. The fic can be any rating, genre, pairing, universe, slash, het, gen, anything ... but you'll have to label it in the subject line, like this:

Subject: "This Is The Planet" (Han/Leia, NC-17 RoTJ)

4. The challenge will last for one week, Monday June 18th until midnight Monday June 25th. You can write as many comment fics as you like and everyone is invited to join in.

So get ready for some exploration! Feel free to post any questions here (and not in this post, please.)

Hope to see lots of fic! Please feel free to pimp the challenge far and wide, to all any Star Wars and/or fic writers.

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