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User: [info]starwars_fic (posted by [info]ingrid)
Date: 2007-06-15 16:15
Subject: DRABBLE FIC: Dark Queen Rising (X-XII)
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Title: Dark Queen Rising (VIII-X)
Fandom: Star Wars - Episodes 1-111
Genre: Alternate Timeline/Universe - Drabbles
Summary: An alternate Sith plan and the hunt begins. An AU SW story told in drabbles (100 word segments.)
Warning: Disturbing content, bound to get worse.

[Drabbles I-III] [Drabbles IV-VI] [Drabbles VII-IX]

DRABBLE #10: Surrender )

DRABBLE #11: Slip )

DRABBLE #12: Turning Point )


yep, moar to come. :D Thanks for reading!

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