September 2011



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Sep. 23rd, 2011


open | in the medbay

Nurse Chapel finished filling out the pertinent info on the computer screen before turning to a young Ensign and giving him a smile.

"There we are, your med file's all updated. You're free to go, and try not to go near the greenhouse during the ablasibus' designated pollinating time, ok?"

The Ensign nodded and stood up, eyes still a bit bloodshot from the recent allergy attack. "Thanks, Nurse," he said, before heading out via the turbolift.

Christine moved around, clearing up the medical supplies she'd used and clearing the computer screen of the Ensign's med file. Then she moved on to see if there were any new patients or instructions from Dr. McCoy.

[ooc: yeah, so nothing's been going on with this place, so I thought I'd see if we're all still around. Anyone can tag in, either as patients or just someone who needs to talk to her.]

Sep. 1st, 2011


[ open ] New Orders

Time was a fickle thing on a starship, where the days shifted in and out with the turn of the chronometer and change of the artificial light. Thankfully for the crew these last few weeks had been filled with preparations, courses and testing and re-testing instrumentation and sensors to ensure a safe journey. In the wake of the Nero incident and the destruction of a federation planet, the quick transition back into Starfleet day-to-day made the mourning process that much easier for those most affected. Even Starfleet Command had to commend the newly christened ship and their crew on their ability to function as a well-oiled machine during and after such a perilous mission. It was the mark of an excellent crew. It was the mark of excellent leadership.

Departure from Starbase 1 went smoother than expected, with little else to do but fine-tune the daily routine while they sped off to their first assignment; a welcome change for the recent graduates from the academy and newly enlisted crewmen.

Until the day that Admiral Chandra sent a addendum of their mission to Starfleet Control.

“We are to make a stop at Starbase 3 to pick up Lieutenant Elizabeth Dehner for duty aboard the ship. Further orders will be given at the rendezvous point.” Even the communications officer who relayed that information sounded confused by the change in orders, but the ships heading changes were made without much thought.

Dehner’s arrival, and the orders that came with her, were far from welcomed but orders were orders. The entirety of non-essential and off-duty crew members were assembled that day during Delta shift to introduce their newest member. As requested by the Admiral, the meeting was also broadcasted ship-wide.


Spock was already positioned at the front of the assembly hall, along with Elizabeth Dehner and the Captain and shifted to the center to address the crew directly. He nodded to the communications officer standing at the ready near the wall panel and she pressed the switch to begin the ship-wide broadcast.

“As you know,” he began in a cool, monotone voice loud enough for each of the 100 individuals who were able to assemble to hear. “There is an addition to our crew as of 0800. Doctor Elizabeth Dehner will be an additional component to the current medical staff aboard the ship. In accordance with the orders issued by Starfleet, she will be conducting psychological analysis of each member of the crew who was on active duty during the Nero Incident.”
The Vulcan paused as murmurs and looks of confusing spread throughout the room. The reaction was expected though inappropriate, but he continued none the less.

“This includes,” he continued, speaking over the low din with the slightest commanding edge in his tone, “All levels of personnel regardless of rank and is in effect immediately. All further inquiries concerning this should be directed towards Lieutenant Dehner. Dismissed.”