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    Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
    12:27 pm
    Crossover Crackfic Rescue Fic!

    This comes of me realizing the other day that two of the main characters in my ball-of-nostaglic-fluff fic About A Boy are themselves very well equipped to deal with the wounds Nagini dealt.

    I think I'll call it Miracle of Miracles:

    Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
    12:44 pm
    Since IJ's been eating comments recently, I decided to take </a></strong></a>[info]harmony_bites' suggestion and create a post dedicated to the growing number of Rescue Fics out there:

    From Longest to Shortest...

    1. </a></strong></a>[info]rmratliff, (BuckeyeBelle), “The Errand” 4,977 words, Angst, Romance, (PG-13)
    Summary: DH FIX Missing scenes and tag.
    Lovely SSHG story of a Snape being saved that is completely DH Compliant right down to the epilogue (if you ignore Harry's use of the word “was.”) The Luna in particular just shined.

    2. </a></strong></a>[info]cecelle, “Flying Lessons” 3,580 words, Angst, Friendship, (PG-13)
    Summary: This is the second of two one-shots that provide alternate endings to Snape’s story line, so the story contains DH spoilers.
    Bring out the time-turner! Yet another Hermione saves Snape story, but a variation on the theme I very much liked.

    3. </a></strong></a>[info]bambu345, “Saving a Death Eater” 3,035 words, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, (PG-13)
    Summary: Post-Deathly Hallows plot. While Harry is immured in the headmaster’s office, sunk into Snape’s memories, Hermione is spurred into action of a different sort.
    I loved this. It of course features Bambu’s usual gorgeous prose, is absolutely plausible given DH (at least up to the epilogue) and the Poppy Pomfrey—and, of course, Snape—are wonderful.

    4. </a></strong></a>[info]catherinecookmn, “The Design for After Living” 2,064 words, Drama, Romance, (PG)
    Summary: Taking a break from my now AU-and-loving-it Rumpole/HP crossover to get a DH-related fic out of my system.
    Truly imaginative magic and a creative way to get our couple together within strict bounds of DH-canon. Lovely. Truly.

    5. </a></strong></a>[info]igeret, “The Wizard Groom” 500 words, Humor, Romance, (PG)
    Summary: Massive amounts of Princess Bride quotations & paraphrases. Minor Monty Pythonage.
    Heh. Insane, but in such a *good* way. Fun, witty way of getting our hero back.

    6. whitehound, “Flower Remedy” 101 words, General, Humor (PG)
    Summary: 100 word drabble DH spoiler: sometimes the old ways are the best.
    Really Snape and Hermione rather than SSHG, but this resurrection fic did make me smile.

    8. </a></strong></a>[info]a_bees_buzz, “What's in a name?” 100 words, General, Humor (PG)
    Summary: All dialogue challenge
    Put off by the epilogue? Feel there’s no canonical way beyond it to SSHG? Read this, and get ready to smile.

    9. "Snape's Choice" by clare009
    Summary: Post-DH. What happens after Harry leaves Snape in the Shrieking Shack. (This will be SSHG soon.)
    Rated: K+, 2789 words

    10. "Three of a Perfect Pair", by clare009 and catherinecookmn (also
    A crackfic continuation of "Snape's Choice" (which will have its own separate continuation) that got out of hand and developed a plot, of all things.

    And here's a non-SSHG Rescue Fic:

    “Stoned” by Cruisedirector
    Slash: m/m, HP/SS, Humour/Parody, Post-DH
    Story Summary: Harry should know better than to litter in the Forbidden Forest.

    More to be added as we find them (and if we find them worth mentioning).

    Saturday, August 18th, 2007
    6:03 pm
    A List of Rescue Fics, courtesy of Harmony_Bites...
    Thursday, August 16th, 2007
    9:29 pm
    FIC: Full Circle, Snape, PG
    I hope posting this is okay here. I wrote a Snape "what-if" fic not long after reading DH.

    It's here:
    10:44 pm
    Second Rescue Fic: "Snape's Choice"
    Courtesy of Clare009 at LiveJournal, and the point of departure for the Clare/Catherine Cook crackfic "Three of a Perfect Pair" (original link is here:
    10:10 pm
    First Rescue Fic: 'His Own Man"

    My very first true Rescue Fic -- and it doesn't violate written canon!  (Really and truly -- there's that longish stretch of time when it's just Harry and the Pensieve and we don't know what anyone else is doing.)

    Originally written back at LJ, now posted here:

    5:08 pm
    There'll Be Some Changes Made...
    This Asylum is for those of us who are exploring ways to keep Severus Snape where he belongs -- on this side of the Death Drape.  (Or, failing that, to give him the rich and rewarding afterlife he deserves.)

    So tell us:  How would you go about rescuing Severus Snape?  And how much violence are you willing to do to canon to do it?

    Don't be shy -- step right up!
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