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SS/HP Prophet May 26 - June 1

art by [info]stellamoon

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: Assuming the Worst [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: How We Were Warriors [Explicit]
[x] Anonymous: It's Like Riding a Broom [Mature]
[x] Anonymous: The Little Things [Mature]
[x] Drawlight: Pentamerone [Explicit]

Completed Chapter Fics
[x] Acmparker: Siriusly Black Omens - Chapter 17/17 [G]
[x] Elvirakitties: Fixing It – Chapter 18/18 [Not Rated]

Works In Progress
[x] Acmparker: Siriusly Black Omens - Chapter 16 [G]
[x] Aheadfullofwrackspurts: Like Father, Like Son – Chapter 34/34 [Teen]
[x] Amyria: The Unwanted One – Chapter 10 [Teen]
[x] Black_Blade: Bahkeeta – Chapter 3 [Mature]
[x] Black_Blade: Wild Child – Chapter 4 [Mature] [Chan]
[x] Cithara: Long Shadows – Chapter 10 [Explicit]
[x] DarkStarlet: A Father's Vow - Chapter 1 [Mature]
[x] Doctor_Who_Cares: Found Family - Chapter 59 [Teen]
[x] Doctor_Who_Cares: Found Family - Chapter 60 [Teen]
[x] Doctor_Who_Cares: Snape’s Sex Dungeon - Chapter 25 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] Elvirakitties: What if? – Chapter 17 [Not Rated] Severus/Harry/Voldemort
]x] Fairy07: The Last Horcrux - Chapter 2 [Teen]
]x] Fairy07: The Last Horcrux - Chapter 3 [Teen]
[x] Gia_Sesshoumaru: Lily's Thorn - Chapter 35 [Teen]
[x] Luckenthius: A Seer's Gift – Chapter 10 [Teen]
[x] Originella: Evermore - Chapter 2 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] Originella: Evermore - Chapter 3 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] Poeticjustice22: Cause and Effect – Chapter 3 [Not Rated]
[x] TazzyJan: A Man Cannot Two Masters Serve – Chapter 20 [Explicit]

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] Sophiya_Piyapiyapiya: Honor and Preconceptions [Mature]

[x] Snape_Potter: Posted the Snarry-a-Thon19 Master List
[x] Snarry100: Posted Challenge 670: Flash

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