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SS/HP Prophet for March 11 - 17

One Shots
[x] Oliver.snape: Wartime Comforts [M]
[x] iulia_linnea: Securing the New Defence Professor [PG-13]
[x] suitesamba: Four Little Words [NC-17]
[x] suitesamba: Four Petulant Words [PG]
[x] torino10154: Stumble and Fall [PG-13]

Works In Progress
[x] asecretchord: Battle for the Dark Arts, chapter twenty-four [NC-17]
[x] blueskyecloud9: Puzzles and Love, Chapter 20/? [PG-13]
[x] pekeleke: The Voice Under All Silences, Chapter 8 [NC-17]
[x] pekeleke: The Voice Under All Silences, Chapter 9 [NC-17]
[x] poppypickford: Number 001, Chapter 8 [NC-17]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: A Clear Sign [G]
[x] alisanne: Leaving his Mark [PG-13]
[x] barb2210: Twenty Points from Gryffindor [NC-17] Translated from Russian by emilywaters76
[x] emynn: An Indelible Mark [PG]
[x] kisslicknipsuck: Mark of Affection [NC-17]
[x] lilyseyes: Shrieking Loudly [R]
[x] rycolfan: The Icing on the Cake [NC-17]
[x] torino10154: Going Home [PG-13]

[x] snarry100: challenge 310 - Lightning Bolt

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!


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