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Fic: Taking Over Me (Doctor Who: 10/Rose) [01 Nov 2009|12:02am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Title: Taking Over Me
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Pairing(s): 10/Rose
Rating: PG-13ish (One curse word)
Disclaimer: If I owned it there would be more happy Doctor and less emo Doctor. (I want him happy damn it)
Warning(s): Mild angst and then a lot of sap. (AKA: Dani's usual style.)
Summary: She was horrified. It was wasn't her. She wasn't saying that or thinking that. She loved listening to his babble. Loved watching his eyes light up and seeing him smile as he acted like an over eager puppy ready to impress her with his brilliance. He looked so hurt, like she'd just taken a rolled up newspaper and whacked him on the nose while telling him that he was a bad boy.

Notes: written for Spookathon Prompt cursed object or jewelry
Beta: Thank you Ian

Taking Over Me

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Fic: Major Arcana (Doctor Who: 10/Rose) [31 Oct 2009|11:30pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title: Major Arcana
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Pairing(s): 10/Rose
Rating: PG-13ish
Disclaimer: If I owned it there would be more happy Doctor and less emo Doctor. (I want him happy damn it)
Warning(s): Mild angst and then a lot of sap. (AKA: Dani's usual style.) Post Girl in the Fireplace)
Summary: Rose lay on the ground, pale, still as-
Notes: written for Spookathon Prompt #45 - Tarot. Sorry about the late posting. I had it edited and ready to go but then forgot! (My second one will be up soon. I have a last minute correction to the end.)
Beta: Thank you Ian
Word-count: 2,207

Major Arcana

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A Letter From Home by MM Contrary [31 Oct 2009|05:50pm]


Interlude II: A Letter from Home


The inspiration:

"Giles is up in Andrew's room. They've got pizza and Eric Clapton music and Giles was pacing back and forth calling Bruce Wayne a sanctimonious bastard and he'd trained you guys the best he could without a damned penny he didn't have billions of dollars and limitless resources. On and on about how he'd done the best he could and how dare some bloody wanker that runs around in a Kevlar Batsuit dare make assumptions that he'd purposely hoped something bad would happen to any of us." from "A Zeppo In Gotham--Interlude I: The 'Haven" by Lisa Roquin


Summary: Giles, Andrew, and Sirius get together to send a howler to Batman.


Caveats and Disclaimers:

I’ve seen the early Batman TV show, the early Batman movie, Super Friends, the older cartoon, the semi-older cartoon, and at least 4 of the newer movies. I’m not promising any of this is compliant with any of them. I will say I at least attempted to fit the time line as much as I could in keeping with Lisa’s original work and Batman’s latest cannon. I do not own Lisa’s “A Zeppo in Gotham ” series or Batman in any way, shape or form. I was just inspired by them and as such: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. This is just sincere admiration and wanting to say ‘Thank you for your work.’



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Yesterday's Boy [31 Oct 2009|05:10pm]

[ music | Papa Roach - Broken Home ]

Title: Yesterday's Boy (1/3)
Fandom(s): 30 Seconds to Mars
Pairing(s): Shannon/OFC, Jared/Crow
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: It would make a great movie, don'tcha think?
Warning(s): Smart-assedness, Teenagers (They deserve a whole strata of their own), hormones and shinies.
Summary: Shiny comes in many different packages. Some small and some large; but, they all have a consequence attached. Follow Jared as he learns this lesson in how all things that glitter aren't gold.
Notes: written for Spookathon Prompt #45 - Tarot
Beta: [info]saddle_tramp and [info]lisaroquin
Word-count: 2411

( They'd been in Gris-Gris... )

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Of Wolf and Man by lisa roquin, 30stm, Shannon/Jared [31 Oct 2009|03:13pm]

title Of Wolf And Man
author: lisa roquin
rating: 15+/mature
fandom: 30stm
pairing/characters: Shannon/Jared, Tomo, Tim
series: Loup Garou
disclaimer: lies, fiction, untrue. completely and totally made up. I know no one, know nothing of their personal lives. I make no claims of knowing much of anything.
summary: There was only one thing Shannon and the Beast agreed on, Jared had to be healthy, safe, whole and near.
warning: letocest. hints/implications of shapeshifterstyle bestiality. angst. m/m
author notes: thanks to </a></b></a>[info]gwionfawyr and </a></b></a>[info]jiltanith for read throughs.
written for </a></b></a>[info]spookathon 2009 and curtailed into as much of a standalone piece as I could make it with the whole spin they tried to throw at me.
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Watercoloured Kisses by ShinSolo- PoppyZBrite's Lost Souls [31 Oct 2009|01:42am]

Title: Watercolored Kisses
Author: ShinSolo
Pairing: Steve/Ghost
Rating: R
Fandom: Poppy Z. Brite - Lost Souls/Drawing Blood/Other Short Stories in the Missing Mile Verse. (Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite - E-book can be downloaded here à http://www.sendspace.com/file/ig7ene )
Warnings: Ghosts, Language, Adult Content, Slash, Mild Drug and Alcohol Use, Mentions of Violent Death
Disclaimer: If only I owned these beautiful characters. They belong to Poppy Z. Brite (the goddess of all things dark fiction), I’m only borrowing them out of my love for them.
Author Notes: Reading Lost Souls isn’t a must for understanding this piece, it is written as a standalone. However if you’ve read Lost Souls you might understand a few inside jokes that might be missed otherwise.
Prompt: Dia de los Muertos / The Day of the Dead
Summary/Excerpt: On most nights at six A.M., Steve would have already found himself at home and warm. Stretched out on Ghost’s floor, staring up at a ceiling covered in faded leaves and painted stars, Steve would be on his 3rd beer and listening to Ghost tell him all about his latest dream or whether or not they should just pack up and head for the stars. But this wasn't most nights.

watercoloured kisses )
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Worth the Effort by JediButtercup, Dresden Files/Castle [29 Oct 2009|01:17am]

Title: Worth the Effort
Author: [info]jedibuttercup
Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not.
Rating: FR13
Summary: Dresden Files/Castle. The mist roiled, then parted around something long, slender and whippy that quickly vanished back out of sight...
Spoilers: Dresden Files novels through "Small Favor"; vague Season 1 for Castle
Wordcount: 2500
Notes: Violence, tentacles, humor. For the 2009 [info]spookathon, prompt #26, B-Movies. References the 1958 movie "The Trollenberg Terror", known in the US by another name.

Worth the Effort )
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Shadows of the Past by Lizz_88, 30stm, Tomo/Tim, Tomo/Jared [28 Oct 2009|01:13pm]

Title: Shadows of the past
Fandom(s): 30 seconds to mars
Pairing(s): Tomo/Tim, Tomo/Jared
Rating: R
Disclaimer: not true, didn’t happen. Don’t know/own them..
Warning(s): slash, non-graphic character death, angst, first POV(Tomo), scary stuff
Summary: when Tim died, he didn’t think he would ever have a good day again. Until he met Jared.
Notes: written for Spookathon.
Beta: Queencheeze, thank you very much honJ
Word-count: 7250
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Link: Mimsy Were the Borogroves by Judas Denied, 30stm, NC17. Shannon/Jared, Shannon/Jared/Tim [27 Oct 2009|12:18pm]

Title: Mimsy Were the Borogroves
Author: [info]judas_denied
Pairing: Shannon/Jared, Shannon/Jared/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: 30 Seconds to Mars
Warnings: Creepiness, humor, language, mindfuckery, S&M, werewolves
Disclaimer:Get your head 'round that one. It means that it is my job to tell you the true story of what never happened. Perhaps that's a definition of fiction.
Author's Notes: This is also Kit84's very late birthday fic. Spookathon gave me the prompt and Kit's request gave me the plot. The title, cut text, link text and epigraph are all taken from one of the following: "Jabberwocky", Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, all by Lewis Carroll.

Summary/Excerpt: The first time it happens Tim doesn’t think much of it. It’s just a coffee cup left in the sink and two beer bottles on the back porch railing. The second time it happens is a lot different...

Link: And the mome raths outgrabe.

**note link to locked fic journal
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Voo-Doo by Phoenix1001- HP, Harry/Colin [25 Oct 2009|05:31am]

Disclaimer:no profit. just for fun. c&p'd from uncoded email hopefully it behaves. Lisa.

Summary:  What happens when Colin Creevey and Ginny Weasley come across a book on how to create voo-doo dolls in Hogwarts’ library? Do they create a doll of someone? Slash. Colin-centric. Homosexual sex. A Spook-a-Thon 2009 entry.


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Posting Schedule 2009 [24 Oct 2009|03:52am]

Oct 25- Pheonix1001
Oct 26-Judas Denied
Oct 27-Jedi Buttercup
Oct 28-Lizz 88
Oct 29- Dani (2 stories)
Oct 30- Gwionfawyr, me
Oct 31- Jynx, ShinSolo
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Spookathon 2009 Prompts /Claim post [04 Aug 2009|11:45am]

A little different this year but not so much so. Prompts are behind the cut. Prompts can be claimed more than once. you can do fic, art, music mix, video. whatever. Any fandom including RPS & Crossovers, any genre, any rating. Original fic, art. General themes for art/music mix. whatever. it's all good. Just lable & warn appropriately.

You may claim up to 3 prompts--*BUT* you have to do something seperate for each prompt. (ex claim: ghost/fic, claim: monsters/icons claim: possession: fic. you can incorporate multiple elements in fic but only claim one.) If you've completed your claim and want to do something else? Go for it, even if you've claimed three prompts *but* you have to have them completed first.
send fic/playlist/ links to where art hosted to lisaroquin at gmail dot com with spookathon in the subject line.

you do not need an insanejournal to participate, or any kind of open ID, livejournal, dreamwidth. The point is to have fun. Will post for those who don't or make arrangements to have post elsewhere go live on assigned date during posting period and post the header info/link onto the comm.

fic: 1000 words
icons: 15 icons
other art: 1 manip/wallpaper/drawing
music mix: 6 songs

signups: Aug: 4-16
due date: Oct 20
posting: Oct 25-31st

Sign up as follows:

author name:
email/journal/some how to contact:

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FIC 08 Drazan's Curse--30stm Tomo/Shannon/Jared [31 Oct 2008|10:59pm]

title: Drazan's Curse
author: lisa roquin
rating: adult
fandom: 30 Seconds to Mars
pairing/characters: Tomo/Shannon/Jared, Drazan/Hanzi
disclaimer: lies, fiction, untrue. completely and totally made up. I know no one, know nothing of their personal lives. I make no claims of knowing much of anything.
Summary: He'd probably been twenty when he really started to clue in that maybe, maybe, probably some of the shit that happened to him or some of the things that—well, that maybe it wasn't all down to a bit too much booze or weed. That maybe there was something wrong with him.
warning: slash, angst, horror, pseudo-vampirism, bloodplay, self-harm, some violence underaged sexual situations referenced between fourteen and sixteen year old males circa turn of 19th century.
Word count: 51,000+
author notes: written for spookathon 2008

Thanks to gwionfawyr for read through encouragement, TW for the random “coherency check on this paragraph please” thrown at her on gtalk. Jiltanith for the beta on the first few chapters and especially, Kit for going through this whole mess and the babble and encouragement.

All mistakes are entirely mine either missing corrections or screwing up something else when I fixed one thing. They're the bestest. Is not their fault I has no concentration and lots of distractions running around.

part 1 || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten || eleven || twelve || epilogue
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AUTHOR TREATS #4--streetchaser, lady deathangel, spilledxperfume [31 Oct 2008|03:50am]

Please let me know if you've seen/gotten your treat in the comments. (ladydeathangel, spilledxperfume yours will be edited in here by the end of the day barring catastrophic chaos.) I've double and triple checked, and do believe I have everyone, if I've missed you? please pleaseplease let me know it is not intentional. Life kinda resembles a 3 ring circus around here most days.

streetchaser )

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FIC 08: Love Spell by spilledxperfume, MCR GSF [31 Oct 2008|03:41am]

Title: Love spell
Pairing: Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob
Author: [info]spilledxperfume
Rating: really effing dirty
Summary: My Chem gets stuck in an old, abandoned barn. And we all know what happens in barns...don't we? Well, read on and find out
Beta: [info]mrsxkayxway , harky
Disclaimer: I do not own MCR. I do not intend to offend them or anyone else. If you are easily offended, you shouldn't be here.
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FIC 08: All A Part Of Me by Lady Deathangel, Panic at the Disco, Ryan/Brendon [31 Oct 2008|03:29am]

All A Part Of me
Lady Deathangel ~*~ PG-13 ~*~ 6,310 words ~*~ Ryan/Brendon, implied Jon/Spencer, some others

||Disclamer: Not true, not claiming it is, if you found this googling yourself please leave, etc., etc., don't hurt me.

Summary: Ryan and Brendon, the things they know, and the things they figure out in the nick of time.

A/N: Sort of put together quickly because I've let my life get away from me! Plotted with a very good friend of mine who inspires me to writewritewrite. Thanks so much, K! And this is for anyone who's hoping for a little magic on Halloween. May you all get what you want in your pillowcases and pumpkins. ||

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FIC 08: Furbabies by t_usual_suspect--panic, jon/brendon [30 Oct 2008|07:50pm]

Title: Furbabies

Author: [info]ink_on_the_page

Rating: ...pg, and i don't think it's even that "bad"

Fandom: Bandom--Panic at the Disco

Characters/pairings: Jon/Brendon

Disclaimer: I don't own them. This is just for fun. Suing me for money is about as productive an exercise as squeezing blood from a stone. I do not condone any illegal activities that may be written about in my fiction, nor do I partake in any of these activities personally. This is a work of fiction, and should be treated as such. If you got here by googling yourself or someone you know, for the love of my sanity, hit the back button or DON'T TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.

Summary: Jon supposed that knowing his bandmate, best friend, and sometimes…fuckbuddy—what the hell were they, anyway—was a werewolf was a bit of a mindtrip or some serious mental fuckery. Or at least it was supposed to be weird.

Warning: werewolves

Author's note: written for [info]spookathon 2008; prompt: Jon/Brendon, werewolfiness, bonus for after full moon sex. I'm fucking with werewolf lore. he's more of a wolf than a beast, still with a wolf's instincts, but he's *Brendon*, people. He's a friendly, bouncy, energetic person. He's going to be a friendly, bouncing, energetic wolf. He looks like a wolf. Acts like a wolf. Sharper, more savy than a real wolf would be since he's still Brendon inside, just furry on the outside, but can blend in where he has to. Also, if this leaves you feeling like there's more to the story, good. means i did my job. :P There is more, i just screwed up while arguing with them, and ran out of time. Also, this is my mental image of what Brendon looks like as a wolf.

Word count: 1562

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AUTHOR TREATS #3--rosemont419 shootingducks & tw [30 Oct 2008|12:38pm]

right click save as. They're hosted on photobucket. please comment to let me know you've seen it.

rosemont419 )

shootingducks )

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FIC 08: The Sweetest Thing by shootingducks, MCR, Mikey/Frank [30 Oct 2008|11:52am]

Title: The Sweetest Thing

Author: [Bad username: ”shootingducks”]

Paring: Frank Iero/Mikey Way

Rating: PG

Summary: Atop the soft black fabric are bones. They’re all down the front of him, ribcage, hips, ulna and radius, long bleach white shins and toes. From his neck up, though, is soft milk white.

Note: Written for the spookathon prompts.

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FIC 08: Shock Value by streetchaser--MCR Frank/Ray [30 Oct 2008|04:04am]

Title: Shock Value
Author: streetchaser
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank Iero and Ray Toro
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies. Disclaimed.
Summary: It feels like Fight Club for the mentally unstable.
Words: Approximately 1500
Warnings / Author's Note: I'm not this psychotic, really. You wanted slash, you wanted Halloween; well sir, you get both.

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