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  2008.03.07  20.21

SGA fandom has a "yellow pages" forum where you can find "hire" fan art creators for your projects. The idea of a place to go and "look up fandom" imbedded itself in my brain.

Friends had been telling me about for awhile and I thought it would be the perfect way to house such a look up.
And then I started clicking...

There is no end to the internet. I don't care who tells you this.

Where I looked:
Livejournal and the similiar sites:
For my own sanity I did NOT list forums that seem to have stopped being used at the beginning of Season 3. I was stricter on LiveJournal and Facebook than I was on InsaneJournal or Journalfen. (GreatestJournal was exluded as it seems to be imploding.
The Internet:
Some of these sites I knew. From there I followed the daisy chain of related affiliates down the rabbit hole. I did not list all the fan listing sites. (But let me just say - there are close to a hundred that I found!) This was because it's a "one time" hit and nothing interactive. I tried to only keep active sites or well formed archives.
Facebook scares my over-35 self. But I did look and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It is mostly squee but there is actual typing and the CW has official sites there.
There is no power in the 'verse that can make me search MySpace. None. I found 3 links on other sites and included them and more are welcome but they MUST be solely Supernatural/Actor/Crew related.

What I Kept:
The links I kept are active(ish) and most of all interactive. A place for us to find "our people". I made exceptions for the research and resources because they enable you to interact. I made exceptions for the CRACK this fandom produces because love should be shared.

What I Excluded (At least for now):
I did not include creator archives because I don't read much fanfic and it would end up being a rec list. That's not my purpose.

I did not include rec listings because "All Time Best..." is the quickest path to WANKville that I know.

I also did not list the multitude of "challenge" communities, "elite" groups, or moderated groups. And by "moderated" I mean the posts are edited by moderators - not something like supernaturalfic where the entry is merely checked for header compliance.

Basically I did this because these forums are "members only" and invitational by nature. I don't want to start inadvertant wank by sending someone to them only to have their posts rejected. There's nothing more aggravating to *me* as a creator to learn about a challenge too late to claim something or too late to claim the one I want.

Why send that towards the mods without any reason? I wasn't going to send random emails to everyone - "Hi, you don't know me, is it okay for me to bookmark your site?"

If you are a mod of a such a communtiy and you do wish it to be included. I certainly will.

What to add to the list

I maintain the list, but I don't want to feel I "own" it. I will include anything I am asked to that is not a single creator site or closed to only a select group of creators. I won't include rec lists. I might include lists of such things ... I'd have to see it.

How to add to the list tag it -- if you have a delicious account and have things on it you think should be included, tag it for:spnyellowpages and it will show up on my "links for you". I'll grab'em and tag'em.
Post a comment -- add a link in the comments here or over at spnyellow pages and I will get them on. (Anonymous posting allowed but screened for those without LJs). If you would - PLEASE - tell me what they are or what tags you should have?
E-mail a link -- emails to: will be grabbed and tagged as well.

Tags and Categories:

If you have a new tag or suggestions for them, let me know either by comment or email.

Leave a comment with any questions.


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