Aug. 5th, 2007


prompt 4

I'm posting this a little early, if you're going to post for the last challenge, you still can.

  • A couple of things today, there are two new tables. If you want to substitute or change, just let me know so I can edit the claim. There's also some new html if you want to change it up from the last, no big, but there if you want it. You can find them here.

  • Again, I would just like everyone to know that there is a mirror comm over on Greatest Journal for those of you who are thinking about leaving or have already left LJ.

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    As always prompts are optional. Monthly prompts are open to anyone who wishes to participate. So if you haven't submited a claim, but the monthly prompt inspires you to write something, then by all means have at it. Any questions or comments or prompt ideas, let me know :)