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    Friday, April 4th, 2008
    11:17 pm
    Spirit portraits

    Due to a serious financial crunch and the fact that people seem to enjoy my art, I’m offering my time and creativity to those who’d like to have portraits of themselves with their spirit companions, or of anyone else.

    To do a portrait for you, I require a couple of things:

    1. Photos of you, or living people that you wish to include in the picture

    2. Photos resembling the spirit companion

      • You can send various photos and indicate which picture is the best hair, which is the best eyes, which is the pose you like, etc. and I will create a composite

      • Name each photo what I need to use it for: schair.jpg, me1.jpg, sceyes.jpg, etc.

      • Make sure photos are fairly large, and that they are clear.

      • You can send either black and white or color; it makes no difference.

    3. A description of what you want: pose, clothing, whatever else.

    4. A $40 deposit via PayPal. The price will be higher for harder work, and I’ll email you with an invoice if the price is over $40. Work will begin when payment is made and your turn comes up.

    5. Email the photos and information to sheta at rendingtheveil dot com. You may also write if you have questions.

    The art will be large enough to print, and will be in png format to reduce file compression. I will include a jpg on request at no additional charge, or whatever format you prefer. Work will take 1-2 weeks to complete, longer if there is a backlog. I will let you know when I email you regarding your commission.

    PayPal has buyer protection, and will ensure that no one is ripped off. All orders will be filled, or, if I feel I can't work with your photos or description, I will refund your money. Aside from that, all sales are final, and all payments are in advance.

    See examples and so forth here.

    Thursday, August 9th, 2007
    7:40 pm
    Introduction Post
    Hello Everyone, I guess this a brief run down of my.  

    Religion: Eclectic Neo-pagan, New Age, Spirituality
    My own basic experiences with the "spirits":  I have a decent amount of interaction with what I call spirit guides.  I have four different guides that I associate frequently with and a large amount of various others.  I'm very much into energy work and healing so I often work with people's souls, past lives, current parrellel lives and what now when going through healings with that person.  I'm not sure is that kind of thing counts for discussion in this community but I will post it out there.
    Why I've joined:  I want to hear about many different people's experiences and thoughts about he spiritworlds and about life in general.  I tend to be very inquisitive and very opinionated about different views and thoughts.  If at any point in time you feel that my questions or insights to posts you have made has crossed the line of offended you please tell me and I'll drop it immediately.  It will never be my intention to make another person upset, I really do only ask because I'm curious.  As for me, fire away.  I'm fairly public in my real life about my beliefs and experiences.  Even in the liberal MA, this makes me a huge target for all sorts of nastiness and I'm not offended, threatened, or hurt by just about any question or thought you could throw at me in this areana.   I like to be challenged and I like new ideas.   Please always feel free to just say what's on your mind and go for it with me.   Thanks for reading the intro and I look foward to reading this journal.
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