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13th March 2009

shy_silvite1:08am: Although it's not a red hotel, it'll have to do, won't it? (Open!)
It's been what passes for few days since Fina's arrival to the Space Bazaar, and she's taken this time to settle into the living area. She's thankful it's free, and that her universal translator is operating properly.

Although her luck in roommates leaves a little something to be desired, since it's some sort of snort-blat thing with tentacles that she's currently staying with.

Currently, sir Snort-blat is out, although Fina's home, at the moment, taking her time to poke through the computer terminal and see what in the Moons she's supposed to do now.

She wouldn't be opposed to visitors!

12th March 2009

yoro_shiku9:48pm: o halo
Hmm~~ This is a pretty awesome market! There's all sorts o'neat stuff here!

... Though, I don't remember how I got here or why it's where the bathroom should be. ... ... Speaking of bathroom, I really gotta go...


... WOAH, WHAT'S THAT? [distracted!]
sees_reaper9:50am: Hey, ladies: you know you wanna chat him up. |D
[Now here's a sight: a young man, somewhat tall, looking to be about seventeen crash lands into a nearby stall. After a bout of flailing and apologizing, he dusts himself off, grabbing his somewhat small Scythe from the dirt floor of the Bazaar.

He's wearing what looks to be a uniform to some school; likely one meant for winter time, and he's wearing a scarf and red armband reading "SEES" on top of all of this. Under his overcoat and on his belt is a holster for a gun-like object, which is neatly sitting inside it's designated space.

Sighing, Ryoji Mochizuki puts his Scythe away carefully (he keeps it bound on his back by a strap that goes over his shoulder and a small leather pouch to hold it with), and looks around, rather... confused, by his surroundings.]

Not again! I always seem to get yelled at when I end up someplace new....

[Heaving a sigh, he trudges onward... perhaps finding some beautiful women will cheer the cute boy up~?]
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27th February 2009

gothroughfire11:07pm: [In front of a huge building-wall, tucked in against the stairwell, sits their mother, their home, the Onion. The bulb casts a warm red glow on the ground. It blends in oddly well here, alongside some tufts of curly-strange grass.

Ten Pikmin return, lugging a bent metal-thing. It's not prey; they can't feed it to the Onion. It's treasure. Large and glorious treasure!

The problem is that they're not sure exactly what treasure is for. They have a sap-flowing need to carry useful things ... somewhere ... for some reason. That's all. The Pikmin hum and chirp to each other, and eventually add their metal-treasure to the pile.

The pile is a fairly ordinary trash heap, if more carefully stacked than most. Off to one side are twenty-eight brochures with twenty-eight baubles that a lobster-person-thing gave them. There's also a smooth-thin Credit Card that seems to assume "Red" is a given name and "Pikmin" a surname. Other than that, it's all metal-junk and paper-junk and plastic-junk, anything that catches the Pikmin's wide, staring eyes and isn't nailed down. Yes, their treasure pile will be useful. Someday. For someone.

The ten of them sit down in the light of the Onion, sighing. Rest is good. Maybe more of their kin will come back soon?]

20th February 2009

skye_high10:09pm: A prosecutor approaches!
If you were to be watching the exit to the human-female bathroom of the spaceport right now, you would see one Lana Skye exiting, wiping down her hands as she walks through with a brisk pace. The change of venue doesn't escape her notice for long, and she stops in the middle of the thoroughfare, one hand tucked behind her back.

"Ah...this is not where I was. Hm."
notsoperfect1:51am: A wild GARGOYLE appears!
Now here's a sight. Among all the aliens (...that thing has tentacles), there's a tall creature with wings. She appears to be confused as she walks among the crowd, unbidden by the fact that she ordinarily would hide herself by gliding above them.

But then, there's weirder things about than her. She capes her wings over her shoulders, frowning thoughtfully as she continues down the Bazaar's main pathway.

19th February 2009

burnedmydread7:40am: A wild Minato has appeared!
*You're likely to find everything around the main street normal. Well, unless you count the boy with a pair of headphones, an odd school uniform, and blue hair sleeping just about near the middle of the street.

He's, unfortunately, blissfully unaware of his change in environment. He doesn't like being woken up, but he's never been much for a temper.

His MP3 player also appears to be running without his headphones in... might it be a good idea to wake him up so the batteries don't die?

((OOC: He's friendly, no worries. Doubt many'll be here for the moment, but P3 spoilers apply to anyone who minds.))
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pollybug1:55pm: A door opens on the main strip of the bazaar and a young lawyer enters, wincing at the cacophony of shouting voices. He takes a look around, blinking in surprise, and turns back to open the door he came through. Nothing there but somebody's house. He turns back to the line of stalls, streets crowded with people.

"This...isn't Mister Wright's Office." he says, slowly. "What's going on here?"
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