Feb. 28th, 2011


There has been some difficulty in making icons lately, mostly I have been feeling overwhelmed every time I come over to this journal and begin to think about all the icons I want to make and where I am stuck. As I've been rolling over all this and having guilt issues for not working on icons and updating; I came to a realization, I get overwhelmed in attempts to make ALL THIS GRAND LARGE SETS and just panic and freeze up and don't do it.

So from this date start, 28/Feb 2011, all icon sets will be 25 icons each. If I have more I would like to make they get posted as a second set. This will keep me moving from set to set, and doesn't prevent me from making more, but gives me an ending point so that I don't become overwhelmed.

Thank you everyone who has affiliated and all those that use and enjoy my icons! You're support is always appreciated! Hopefully there will be a steady stream here coming into the future!