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June 2008
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Alright, to (hopefully) help get the ball rolling a little more, I thought I'd introduce myself despite being rather bad at introductions.

Hi, I'm Kris, your friendly neighborhood moderator. I've been into the pairing for quite a while now and I was astonished to see this place didn't have a Riku/Sora place what with how popular and well-loved the pairing is. I'm sure someone would have made one eventually so I figured 'why not me?', because I can make it look pretty and hopefully come up with some interactive things for you guys to have fun with.

So anyway. That's that. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to post them here too.

Now you. Come on. Go introduce yourself.

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Some Soriku Icons

I decided to start this place off with a batch of icons (a Kingdom 100 challenge, infact). They got a lot of great reactions on LJ so I figured I'd show them off here. They're all worksafe-- at the most there's just some kissing.

T E A S E R S:

( Fake cut to the icons. )



This is the post where you comment to affiliate. Preferably your community is Kingdom Hearts (or Final Fantasy, Disney or yaoi) related.

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