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September 2011
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MK Malfoy [userpic]
Combining Snarry Recs

Most of you are members and post recs at LJ, but there is also a [info]snarry_recs at IJ. I have debated whether or not to do away with the IJ one, but I just can't do that, so what I am going to do is combine the two. I am going to have one master list on the user info page and it will reflect the fics rec'd at both IJ and LJ. You do not have to join both the community and asylum unless you want to read a fic rec that is at the site you are not a member of - in that case you will need to become a member.

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MK Malfoy [userpic]
MOD Post -- Potential Members

If you want to apply for membership to [info]snarry_recs, you MUST do the two things asked of you in the rules before we can add you as a member. There are currently seven people who have applied for membership, yet they have not responded with the requested information to the post we provide for you to do so. There have also been a few others who have responded to the post, but haven't applied for membership. We try responding to these comments requesting people apply for membership, and for those who provide e-mail addresses on their user info page, we send an e-mail requesting they respond to the post with the information requested, but we would appreciate it very much if you could do what is asked. After a week, we will be deleting the people who have applied for membership but haven't commented. This is for our sanity :-) Thank you :-) Maggie and Michelle

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MK Malfoy [userpic]
Membership Post

Welcome to our IJ version of [info]snarry_recs. We have decided to carry the idea over to IJ, but we will not be transferring the recs from LJ here. We would request, however, that everyone who has posted a rec at the LJ Snarry_recs post it here as well so everyone can see what wonderful fics have been rec'd in the past. We also hope that future recs will be made in both IJ and LJ, but either one, or both, is fine.

Before we get to the posting though, we have a bit of business to get on with. We are going to continue with Moderated Membership for the foreseeable future. Members will be approved on submission of an age statement. You must be at least 18 years of age to belong to this community.

We have changed the minimum security setting of all posts to "friends only" which would enable community posts to be viewed by members only. So please note, what this means is that you will need to be a "member" as well as a "watcher" in order to view the rec's that our members provide.

If your age is not on your user info page, please reply to this post with your age, or year of birth, and we will approve you. If you reply to this post, but have not applied for membership, you will not become a member. Thank you :-) Enjoy!</big></b> :-) Maggie and Michelle

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