21 September 2014 @ 10:45 pm
PSA: Duo/Pair collaborations - FIND YOUR PARTNER HERE  
Hello friends of Snarry, I hope this weekend finds you all well and happily entertaining bunnies for the mini Games for November 1st!

I've been asked by a few folks in the last week about the following:

a) Duo/pair collaborations are allowed


b) Maximum Two (2) entries allowed per participant (person or duo/collaborators)

COLLABORATIONS: In past games, we have allowed the sign up of pair collaborators, and are doing the same this Games. All this means is: we accept single entries from collaborative pairs, whether artist/writer, writer/writer, or artist/artist.

MAXIMUM ENTRIES: Two entries maximum per participant means: If you do a collaboration, as above, you can submit two entries together.

Or you can submit one entry as half a pair, and one entry as a sole participant.

You cannot submit more than two entries for the Snarry Mini Games, in total, regardless of chosen category(s).

Thank you!!

Snape/Harry Reunion by [info]chibitoaster!

I've been asked if we can provide a place where single participants can be matched up with others in a collaboration. Perhaps an artist who wants a writer for a comic or a writer who wishes a co-author.

To that end, we will be PINNING this post to the Livejournal Community Find Your Partner so that like-minded individuals can connect to one another.

Posting in your own journals and other communities (if allowed) is also encouraged, we are in this for the reunion, after all!
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