01 June 2008 @ 12:38 am
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: Carawen "Beatae Memoriae (Of Blessed Memory) "  
Title: Beatae Memoriae (Of Blessed Memory)
Author: [info]carawen **See the Author's Master List of Fics HERE: Carawen's Archive**
Team: Dragon
Genres: Postwar
Prompt: Tabloid Headlines, Time Capsule
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG13 *Character Death, Partner Infidelity (not Harry or Severus)*
Word Count: ~13,000
Summary: 275 years after the final battle, a young man sets out to prove that Harry Potter was not a Dark wizard.
A/N: A million thanks to the mods and their unending patience with me, and to Raewhit and Keane for their betaing skills. Also, a family tree has been posted my IJ, in case anyone is interested, or just confused about how it all connects up.
Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to someone else.

Beatae Memoriae (Of Blessed Memory) by Carawen )