01 October 2009 @ 07:58 am
Final Closing Games surprise from Team Cauldron's Miyoung Boz!  
One more late Closing Games entry, this one from Cauldron's Miyoung Boz.

We certainly couldn't turn this one away! Thanks to everyone who sent in Closing Games entries for everyone to share!

Title: Severus saves his boy
Artist: [info]miyoung_boz
Team: Cauldron
Rating: R. For a hint of peen.
Warnings: Sad!Harry, rentboy!Harry, could be dub-con.
Notes: I think I've read this scenario a million times. Totally cliche, but I will love Savior!Snape until the day I die. Let it be known that the stranger's right hand is wonky, looks terrible and completely grosses me out.

Severus Saves His Boy by Miyoung Boz )

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