10 September 2009 @ 08:00 am
Team Snitch Entry (FIC): "Sands of Time" by Ron's Pigwidgeon  
Title: Sands of Time
Author: [info]rons_pigwidgeon
Team: Snitch
Genre(s): Time Travel, Fandom Crossovers and/or Fusions
Prompt(s): Sands of Time
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: NC-17, Highlight if you wish to know: *non-Snarry pairing, rimming*
Word Count: 26, 717
Author Notes/Disclaimers/Betas First, a HUGE THANK YOU to my beta and teammate, [info]amand_r. Also to mon Capiton, [info]joanwilder, for her excellent assistance throughout, and especially in my final read-through. Lastly, I’d like to thank the rest of my team for your excellent feedback. You were all wonderful and I had a blast working with you! Without all of your help, this story would have looked like a royal mess.
Also, this story was finished before Torchwood: Children of Earth aired in the US, so there are absolutely NO spoilers for the third series at all. No worries for those who have yet to see it to be spoiled the way I was, promise!

Summary: Harry is on the hunt for a serial killer, who is bent on making his mark by murdering famous wizards and witches in Time. While testing a special Time-Turner that can move both forwards and backwards in Time, Harry and Severus have an accident and find themselves in the middle of the underground facilities of Torchwood. They soon find out that these strange Muggles can help them track their killer and solve the crime.

Sands of Time by Ron's Pigwidgeon )

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10 September 2009 @ 08:30 pm
Team Cauldron Entry (FIC): "Falling into the Stars" by Gnomad  
Title: Falling into the Stars
Author: [info]gnomad
Team: Cauldron
Genre(s): Crossover/Fusion
Prompt(s): Falling Stars, Man in Uniform
Rating: PG-13
Warning/Kinks: Highlight if you wish to see: *A crossover with Star Trek (2009) with a brief bit of a non-Snarry pairing in the form of Harry/Kirk; bad science; bad flirting*
Word Count: ~9200
A/N: I'd like to thank my lovely and speedy betas, [info]treewishes (who very generously listened to me whine and did not laugh at my pain too much) and [info]leela_cat. Any remaining mistakes are my own. I'd also like to thank the Snarry Games mods, who are the definition of patience and class, and somehow manage to put up with me year after year.

Summary: A risky bit of magic goes horribly wrong and lands Snape and Harry in a place they never intended to be. Or to put it more succinctly: Snape and Harry! In space!

Falling into the Stars by Gnomad )

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