16 June 2009 @ 09:42 pm
Welcome to the OPENING GAMES!

We have a special something for you this year. The Official "OPENING GAMES FREE-FOR-ALL CHALLENGE" for the 2009 Mixed Snarry Games!

While our Champions are busy putting pen and pencil to paper, we invited anyone who wanted to partake in the challenge to submit for posting any or all of the following:

  • DRABBLE: Exactly 100 word story with no more than 15 words for title.
  • FICLET: No more than 500 word story, no less than 100 words, with no more than 15 word title.
  • DRAWBLE: A quick drawing or sketch, taking no more than an hour to create, with no more than 15 words for a title.
  • LIMERICK: A light humorous, nonsensical, or bawdy verse/poem of five lines usually with the rhyme scheme a/a/b/b/a.

Using the following challenge parameters, must include one of each of the following Thing/Place/Action:

2009 Snarry Games Drabble/Drawble/Ficlet Challenge
A. Things B. Places C. Actions
A Mouldy Fruit Balcony Walking
Naughty Picture Beach/Shore Yawning
A Newt Bath/Loo Reclining
A Knut Street Corner Shouting
Three-Legged Cat Cemetery/Mausoleum Cleaning/Washing
Squeaky Shoes Forest/Woods Coughing/Choking
Umbrella Cave Singing
Paper In A Car/Vehicle Cooking
An Alcoholic Beverage A Creaky Old House Exploring
A Wand The Muggle Cinema Hiding

*These are in no particular order.

Today, we'd like to open up with someone who decided to submit 3 out of the 4 challenges! We are tickled pink to introduce:

[info]anya_elizabeth with her ficlet, limerick AND drawble!

WARNINGS: PG + NWS image under cut.

Too drunk to... )

Thank you, [info]anya_elizabeth!

Stay tuned for more Free For All Opening Games treats!