12 September 2008 @ 11:47 pm
CHAMPION INTERVIEW # 1 - Tripperfunster!  
Hello, friends of Snarry!

Every year, we start the Games off with a little 'getting to know you' exercise, where we interview our Team Champions (and Alternates), and post the interviews for you to read and comment on.

We begin posting them now, and will continue to do so daily until the Games begin. Please feel free to check out our Team Champions, and what they have to say regarding the Harry Potter characters they like drawing the least, who inspires them, and whether or not Snape or Harry could kick their Team Mascot's ass.


CHAMPION INTERVIEW #1, TEAM PHOENIX MEMBER (and official 2008 Games Artist), Tripperfunster! )

Thank you, [info]tripperfunster!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our first Team Dragon Interview!