18 August 2008 @ 10:43 pm


Starting at 12:01 am PST Wednesday, August 20, the Snarry Games will begin accepting sign-ups from fan artists far and wide for the Third Annual Snarry Art Games! The sign up post will be up for twenty-four (24) hours ETA: 48 hours!. It will be at our InsaneJournal here: snarry_games . Our teams this year will coincide with the Fic Games: "Team Dragon" and "Team Phoenix". The Genre choices will also remain the same:

1. Romance
2. Alternate Universe
3. Humour &/or Crack
4. Canon
5. Postwar
6. Angst
7. Alternate Reality
8. Horror
9. Hurt/Comfort

As with the Fic Games, The prompts will be revealed upon team assignment. The teams will be given several days to peruse both the prompt and genre list and will be asked to commit to their choices by the end of the weekend. At that point, the teams will be off and running! Posting begins October 6, 2008.

You can find our (2007) FAQs on the Art Games HERE, and our Art Champions Master lists for 2006 Art Games and the 2007 Art Games.

After we announce the teams, we will be posting our seasonal concrit poll. The Snarry Games grow every year, and the viewing audience always gives us great feedback. We invite you to continue to watch the comm., and give us constructive feedback in order to make this year’s Art Games the best ever! We always give our Games a thorough review before launching a new season.

**If you will not be available for the sign-up, but wish to participate, please send an e-mail to Snarry.Mod[at], and we will enter you in your absence.

Team size will depend on overall participation, and we hope to include everyone. Previous years have seen between 70-80 participants. Should the response this year exceed those numbers by a significant amount, we will then employ a lottery system. In the event a lottery is necessary, any artist who is not assigned a team will be placed on the Alternate list. Any alternate who does not get called into service during the Games will be invited to submit Crack!Art for the Closing Games Ceremonies.

Thank you for supporting the Snarry Games!

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