29 June 2008 @ 07:34 pm
Walking the Plank wants YOU!  
Hello, everyone!

This was a spectacular selection of fics, and a banner year for the number of entries! Thanks to everyone who participated. This is a great fandom.

As you all know, [info]djin7 & [info]reddwarfer  are both mods at Walking the Plank[info]aliciamasters (that's me!) is lucky enough to be the headmistress.  Therefore, we would be honored and overjoyed if you decided to host your fic at Walking the Plank, now that the fest is over. 

We have created TWO TEAM open series under djin7's name, one for Team Dragon and one for Team Phoenix.

Due to the tremendous team spirit, we have also added two other series: 2008 Comment Porn, under RaeWhit, and 2008 Opening & Closing Ceremonies, which can include all the wonderful extras posted on the comm.

If you've never hosted at Walking the Plank, it is a moderated community of Snarry fanfiction and fanart. 

Here's where you sign up for an account.  You'll love it:  I promise! 

These are the submission guidelines.  In addition, we have walkthroughs created to help you figure out how to post. 

Once it's up, reply to this post, and I will take it through the submissions process and add it to the series, so that everyone who followed the Snarry Games can find your teammates' stories together. All your entry needs to say is I'm ready!  (It can say more if you want, though.) If you are struggling, or need help getting your entry up on the site, let me know.  We'll work something out.  My e-mail is aliciamastersATgmailDOTcom.

Here are a few FAQs about an Open Series.
Get your questions answered here. )
Are you fascinated by Walking the Plank? We are always looking for volunteers, both as mods and technical support. Here are the volunteering guidelines. I was very lucky to be a mod on this contest, and I'm amazed at the talent in our fandom!  Meanwhile, I hope you will consider WTP a home for your art.If you agreed to archiving, but you don't have time to upload, I will contact you to arrange a mod upload. I'd love to have a complete set of Champions. (Hint, hint, Earlier Champions! We still have a few stories & artwork missing!)   REMEMBER:  if something is stopping you, please feel free to contact me.  Maybe we can work it out.

Special Note: the WTP mods are having a Snarry Games fic & art AMNESTY for July. We will be offering to help upload fic and art by posting on the original post, and will also accept requests on this post. If you will have the time to do it yourself, we would appreciate your help in doing so, but if you have never posted your art or fic, and don't think you will without our help, let us do it for you. We want to have all the 2006, 2007 and 2008 series completed by the end of August, if the champions are willing. After LJ strikethrough 2007, we want to ensure that work this good always has a home, and we want a searchable, useable team listing for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience!  I hope I see you at Walking the Plank soon!
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