12 June 2008 @ 08:05 am
TEAM PHOENIX ALTERNATE STORY: Leela Cat "Riding the Beast's Back"  
Nearing the very end of the Games, the mods were needing an emergency pinch for Team Phoenix. Three team members stepped up to bat, and we are pleased to present the first of two Alternate stories that did not make it into the Games for the team. Enjoy!

Title: Riding the Beast's Back
Author: Leela [info]leela_cat
Team: Phoenix
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: NC-17, drug use
Word Count: ~ 3,100
Summary: Severus is really happy with Harry. He is. He's just got this other need that being a Legilimens helps him fill.
A/N: For the [info]snarry_games mods who went above and beyond the call of duty this time around. And for [info]batdina, who tossed a brief scene back at me, fixed a couple of things and said, "Interesting idea. Now write the story."
Many thanks to my betas from Team Phoenix: [info]perverse_idyll, [info]alisanne, [info]iulia_linnea, [info]ziasudra, and [info]mistressmaraj.

Riding the Beast's Back by Leela Cat )

Thank you [info]leela_cat!

Stay tuned for another fic, something fun from Team Dragon, and more! We have our results, and it won't be long now. ♥