04 June 2008 @ 10:57 pm
Master List  
The 2008 Winter Author [info]snarry_games are nearly over. We have just posted the last of a Grand Total of 70 Snarry Fic entries. We are always very happy and awed by the overwhelming response and support of this project, and would like to thank everyone who has been involved. The mods, the Champions, the voters and judges, the reviewers and reporters, the affiliates. Thank you all!

We now move into our final voting phase. We will be giving everyone until mid Sunday, June 8, to finish their voting. The polls will remain open until that time, and then will be closed to enable the Mods to begin the counting process. You can also take this time to edit your votes, if necessary. It is easy to edit your poll: you can change your answer by clicking on the poll #, and then clicking the [ Fill-out Poll ] link at the top. Don't forget to click on "submit poll" after you've changed your answers.

Under the cut, you will find the Master List of all the submissions to help guide you to the entries that you may have missed during this 7 week flurry of Snarry.

Do not think the community will be idle, there will be special treats coming up for you. We were unable to organise our usual closing Games Drabbles this year, but both Team Phoenix and Team Dragon have some great treats for you, including a Blooper/Missing scene challenge!

And now, we leave you with:


Feel free to pimp your favourite author or team this week while the voting remains open! Enjoy.