28 May 2008 @ 08:15 am
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: Loupgarou1750 "Sadness of Eros"  
Title: Sadness of Eros
Author: [info]loupgarou1750
Team: Dragon
Genres: Angst
Prompt: Infidelity, Reckoning
Ratings/Warnings/Kinks: Rated NC-17. *Public sex. Het sex. Violence. Infidelity. *
Word Count: 63,000 +/-
Summary: The open palm of desire wants everything*, or Harry cheats.
AN: Thanks to [info]auctasinistra, [info]joanwilder, and [info]perfica. The most amazing betas and the best people evah to have at one's back. Without them, I would be nothing, my fic might very well be gibberish, and "heel" would consistently be spelled h-e-a-l. And many thanks to [info]centaury_squill and [info]gingertart50 for Britpicking; they never got to go through the whole fic, so any errors in usage are entirely down to me.

*Paul Simon - Further to Fly

Sadness of Eros by Loupgarou1750 )

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