03 May 2008 @ 11:04 am
TEAM PHOENIX ENTRY: Pir8fancier "Stilllife"  
Title: Stilllife
Author: [info]pir8fancier
Team: Phoenix
Genre: Post-war
Prompt: Miles to go before I sleep, Infidelity
Word Count: 37,155
Ratings/Warnings/Kinks: R
Summary: Snape is killed by Voldemort. But not really.
Author's Note: My usual stunning beta, [info]regan_v did the honors; my love for Snape is second to none. Except her. I heart her very, very much. This turned from a simple concept into a monster, so all errors, etc., are mine.

Stilllife by Pir8fancier )

Mod note: Due to the length of this story, we will not be posting another until tomorrow morning. Thank you.
03 May 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Opening Games Crack!Art, Part XI.

Previous Games Champion, [info]majmunka sent us a little fanart for a favourite story, in which Harry wonders if he is at an oasis, or not.

Crack!Art Title:Not Quite So Thirsty
Artist: Majmunka
Genre(s):Postwar, Crack
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG-13, nope
Artist Notes/Media used/Thanks/Disclaimers: Quote and scene from Reconciling Lily's Eyes by persepolis130 (hottest ugly/dirty!Snape fic ever). I hope she forgives me for the muggle clothing.

Not Quite So Thirsty by Majmunka )

Thank you, [info]majmunka!

Stay tuned for more Crack!Art and Champion Interviews to be posted opposite the lengthy Team Dragon and Team Phoenix entries coming up!