27 April 2008 @ 10:37 am
TEAM DRAGON ENTRY: Amand_r "The (Un)Professional"  
Title: The (Un)Professional
Author: [info]amand_r
Team: Dragon
Genres: Postwar, Humor/Crackfic
Prompt: Anniversary
Ratings/Warnings/Kinks: Rated NC-17. *Contains graphic violence. Oh, and some canonically dead people are not so very much dead. Is that a warning?*
Word Count: 42,363
Summary: "Sir, it's out of my hands. The gods want you to go to your Hogwarts reunion, and they want you to delete someone while you're there."
A/N: This is a "frusion" of Harry Potter and the film Grosse Pointe Blank. One need not have seen the film to read the story, but if you have, you will note key similarities and some cribbed dialogue. And one Shawn of the Dead reference (possibly my favorite bit), along with a modified Monty Python line. Credits at the end of the film story. Also (Also?! Geez!), this is AU for pretty much obvious reasons.
Credits: Thanks to [info]jadzialoveand [info]joanwilder for the spectacular betas. Late at night. In teh dark. With your mom.

The (Un)Professional by Amand_r )

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CHAMPION INTERVIEW #49, Team Phoenix Member, Pir8fancier!  
CHAMPION INTERVIEW #49, Team Phoenix member, Pir8fancier! )

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