24 March 2008 @ 10:38 pm
Opening Games Crack!Art V - Where Accioslash fully utilizes the Alternate Reality genre, showing us a place and time where Severus and Harry have never been before...

Crack!Art Title: "Comedians Sev Doeworthy and Larry Harry, the Cable Guy."
Artist: [info]accioslash
E-mail: allinda @ tusco{dot}net
Genre(s): Humor/Crack; Alternate Reality
Prompt(s): Career Change
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: Let's see....[G] Severus with a Mullet, Americanized usage of the word "git", and HP characters in the United States. Also, no smut.
Artist Notes/Media used/Thanks/Disclaimers: To quote Larry Harry, "Lord, I Apologize." Oh, and I don't own Jeff Foxworthy, Larry, the Cable Guy, Harry Potter or Severus Snape though Sev Doeworthy is all miiiiiiiiine. No harm or infringement intended.

You Might Be a dunderhead if... )

Thank you, [info]accioslash!!

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