15 October 2007 @ 08:06 am
Mod Pro-D Day  
Moderator Professional Day!

I have decided to give my hard working Mods a day off, and give all of you the chance to catch up on the wonderful art that we have posted so far. This year, we are posting 4 times daily, and that means the Games will only run three weeks. Also, a note about ratings: we are being slightly more liberal about our ratings this year, thanks to our host. NWS and Hard R will not be locked. There will be a piece or two that have yet to be posted that will require locking (extreme NC17 and/or disturbing themes), meaning you must be a member of this comm to see it. We will let you know as they come up, like last year.

Please take this day to go back and see the entries, comment and vote. We will go back to our regularly scheduled programme tomorrow.


xnuinx: Getting It Right (PG-13)
jin_fenghuang: Cockroach Clusters, please... (NWS, R)
undunoops: In The Kitchen (NWS Hard R)
majeskaylanna: The Shrieking Shack, Revisited (PG)
paula_lirio: I Dare You (PG)
chrysos: Pieta (PG)
chaosraven: Finally Home (G)
[info]_tails_: Untitled (PG)
trancekuja: A New Life (PG)
blackcoyote: Did You Enjoy That, Potter? (R)
blackboggart: My Way Home (G)
cnary_crem_dght: Olympia (R)
_odella_: Hiroshima Lovers (PG)
nakedbee: Exsanguination (PG)
gredandfeorge: Trouble Sleeping (PG-13)
lampblack: White Feathers (PG)
pervert_bitch: Full Fathom Five My Lover Lies (R)
redpiratemel: Ineffable (PG-13)
ships_harry: Anamnesis (PG)
froggie: Silent Assent (R)
glockgal: Storeroom for the Damaged (R)
nahimana: It Is At Moments After I Have Dreamed (PG-13)
[info]stellamoon: For Luck..." PG13
[info]arcencielfw: Bartender's Remembrances NWS, Hard R
[info]mecklen: A Look Into a Soul As Heavy as the Heart that Lost PG13
[info]artisticentropy: Happy EndingsNWS, PG13
[info]ebonyserpent: Before Your Eyes G