19 June 2007 @ 11:47 pm
Closing Games Drabble #8-- OpulentGreen  

Original poster: snarrymod

We would like to give you a little treat before we go on hiatus. The very lovely [info]opulentgreen sent us a single, lovely drabble that unfortunately got lost in our mail folder, and we would like to give it to you now, as a very sweet and appropriate send-off to our Games. We thank her for sending it in. ♥

Author: [info]opulentgreen
Title: Muddled
Genre: Postwar
Prompt: Safe Conduct.
Rating: PG


Safe conduct was the furthest from Harry’s mind as he entered Knockturn Alley. Wariness left him and instead anguish took its place. Had he known that informing his colleague of three years that he loved him would have earned such a reaction, maybe he would have stayed home. As he stood panting, from the exertion of running, shoulder propped up against a dirty alley wall, he hardly heard the pounding footsteps and desperate shouts. Eyes closed and heart bleeding, he barely felt the hands caressing his back, the arms encircling his waist and the taste of Severus’ gentle apologetic kiss.


Thank you, [info]opulentgreen!

Sometime next week we will be presenting our 3rd Fandom Fest How-To Poll. We would very much appreciate your feedback on how to improve our Games, and how you liked our changes from last year.