16 June 2007 @ 10:54 pm
CUT! That's a WRAP!  

Original poster: djin7

CUT! That's a WRAP!

Hey, everybody!

We have some final things to wrap up, and then we go on a short hiatus before we begin again in the very late summer for the Snarry Art Games.

♥ I really hope everyone enjoyed the 2007 Winter Games, and I'd like to thank, once again, everyone who participated, from my Champions and mods, to the fans and judges. Thank you all so much!

♥ The stories will remain here unless otherwise requested by the authors, we can link directly to your sites and/or journals in lieu, just let us know the link you wish us to use. Authors are free to archive anywhere now that the Games are over.

♥ Before we take down the banners, I'd like to again point everyone to our fabulous Medal Award Ceremony, so you can look at the lovely art by [info]glockgal, as well as Milica.

♥ Some links for bookmarking, as well:
Stories from 2007 can be found by :
** Various TAGs (as found on the sidebar in the Comm main page), including by Team Wartime, Team Postwar, and all 2007 entries
** You can also view the Master List here
** And the Games Memories (2007 entries TBA)

[info]tayefeth did a Master List by GENRE as well as PROMPT. Thank you!

♥ Don't forget the Closing Games Drabbles and the Opening Games Crack art, as well as last year's beautiful art and fantastic stories! If you wish to get to know your favourite authors or teammates a little better, don't forget to check out the Champion Interviews

♥ Team Wartime gave us a wonderful Soundtrack.

♥ Very soon, Mod Extraordinaire and Headmistress of Walking The Plank, [info]aliciamasters will soon be advising our Champions on how to upload their stories to our Flagship website, should they desire to, and will also get her instructions on how to add your story to the Snarry Games Series!

♥ Check out our affiliates: [info]triatha_ron and [info]mcshep_match. We have more on the way, including one that is entirely in Hungarian!

♥ Reminder to Champions: Anyone wanting their individual poll vote tallies can request them privately through the Snarry Games Gmail account. ♥

♥ Lastly, keep an eye out on the comm for our 3rd Fandom Fest How-To Poll, in which we ask about how we can improve and how our changes from last year affected participants and fans alike.