05 May 2007 @ 08:27 am
TEAM POSTWAR ENTRY: Jin Fenghuang "52 Hours"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: 52 Hours
Author: [info]jin_fenghuang
Team: Postwar
Genre(s): Humour, Romance
Prompt: 'search and rescue'
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * voyeurism, mention of off-screen het i.e. Ron/Lavender *
Word Count: 6800 +/-
A/N : Big thanks to [info]bewarethesmirk for a great beta job and for her patience with the .doc format issues. [info]sua_lay, [info]cnary_crem_dght and skunkmage, I could not have done it without your support. Last but not least: Kisses to the lovely [info]eruwen310780.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, I only supervise their playground.

Summary: Ron to the rescue. When Ron sees more than he ever wanted he decides that there can only be one explanation: Snape has to have done something to Harry. But what?

52 Hours )

05 May 2007 @ 08:50 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Sinick & Acid "Two Lockets"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Two Lockets
Author: Sinick and Acid ([info]sinick & [info]ac1d6urn)
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort & Romance
Prompt: Grimmauld Place
Rating: R
Word Count: 57,000 +/-
A/N: Thank you, Team Wartime, [info]joanwilder, [info]txilar, Netta ([info]naatz), and [info]morrighan_sai for the beta-reading, blasting away writers’ block, comments, advice, and all your help. Thanks also to [info]la_onza for posting her floor plans of Grimmauld Place.

Summary: Harry, Snape, and the grim old house that keeps its secrets.

Two Lockets )