01 February 2007 @ 12:12 pm

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Friends of Snarry:

This month's just-released edition of the FICTION ALLEY podcast, SPELLCAST features an interview with yours truly. The editors contacted me after our recent *name change trauma*, wanting to discuss it in their newsletter. Go CHECK IT OUT!

Another podcast released today, SNAPECAST, also features an interview with me, but more importantly, is a SNARRY CENTRIC episode in honour of Valentine's Day. Three previous [info]snarry_games champions: [info]chaeche, [info]lampblack, and [info]pennswoods are part of the [info]snapecast Team. Go check out the *All Snarry* Episode!

Podcasting is quickly becoming the newspaper of the future. The New York Times has a podcast. Those of you who have never heard one, go give it a shot! You can either download the .mp3 and listen to it at your leisure on any mp3 player, on your desktop or on your iPod, or you can just listen to the feeds directly via a player such as iTunes, no download necessary!

It is a really neat way to connect with people in the fandom, you get to hear the voices of the folks on your flists, or favourite authors and fandom contributors.

Podcasting is also catching fire in the Audio Book arena, and you can go check out [info]hp_podslash for all your Harry Potter slash Audio needs!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Champion Interviews later, which feature podcast queries.

01 February 2007 @ 09:29 pm
CHAMPION INTERVIEW # 3 - Melisandre!  

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Champion Interview #3, TEAM POSTWAR MEMBER, Melisandre! )

Thank you, Melisandre!

Stay tuned for more Crack!Art tomorrow!