21 January 2007 @ 06:13 pm
Announcement, icons and thank-you's!  

Original poster: djin7


I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me and this community in this time of need:

To: [info]alafairnadia and [info]coell, for their research, support, and sage advice. For keeping me from going overboard when I received the bad news. Brand new mods to this community, and I couldn't be happier we have them. ♥

To: [info]reddwarfer and [info]aliciamasters, for breaking the bad news to everyone when I couldn't, for organising the volunteers and getting things done when time was of the essence. For their clear heads, support and positivity. ♥

Thank you. ♥

To: [info]pervart/[info]coell, [info]elfwreck and [info]glockgal, for their prompt and awesome attention to adjusting and reshaping all the graphics for this community, so we may comply with Livejournal and supply fans and Champions with the means for supporting us in this. All of our new icons are under the cut below, and I would ask all the fans to exchange any of the old icons bearing the "O" Word and/or any logo resembling anything to do with the "O" Word with these new and improved icons. Any previous Champions can have their medals/banners/and icons altered if you go here to request it.

Please DELETE or replace the the old icons immediately. Thank you!

To: The volunteers who worked tirelessly all night long along with [info]aliciamasters to edit every single mod post made in this community to remove said word and/or all variations on it, and then back-tracked to check each other's work:
[info]alisanne,[info]captain_tulip, [info]r_grayjoy, [info]ms_beeblebrox, [info]txrabbit, [info]montana_dan, [info]maskofsmiles[info]joanwilder[info]rory8, [info]sansa1970, [info]inspiredlife, [info]uniquewonders, [info]verdenia, [info]legomymalfoy, [info]suemonroe, and [info]briarwolf. Thank you also to [info]chaeche and [info]swtalmnd for their help on their own posts.

These people, and everyone else who has thrown their support behind us, epitomise everything this community is trying to represent. Community, support, teamwork. I am humbled by it, and so F-ing proud, I could just burst. Thank you all, so much.

The Games are still on, the teams are still there, the competition for the Best in Snarry will not be subdued by this. I introduce you to the SNARRY GAMES, and invite you to peruse our icons, to replace the ones we can no longer use:


Keep an eye out here for details soon on the Closing Games Drabbles, Champion Interviews, and a special treat from last year's Art Champions. *g*

♥ to you all!