14 January 2007 @ 12:27 pm

Original poster: djin7

INTRODUCING our first official affiliate, the [info]triatha_ron!!

ANNOUNCING the TRIATHA-RON!! The [info]triatha_ron is new Ron-centric ficathon based in part on the model of [info]snarry_olympics.

The TriathaRon is a Teams of Het, Gen and Slash writers will be pitted against each other in a friendly competition over one Ronald Billius Weasley. Because there can never be too much Ron love! Posting begins March 1, Ron's birthday!

Maintained by the most awesome [info]mad_maudlin, [info]marginaliana, and [info]tarie, this official affiliate of the Snarry Games has their FAQs here, and the Teams (so far) here. We wish them good luck in their inaugural run!

Why don't you go and make our new affiliate feel welcome, and root for your favourite teams!!

♥The Snarry Games Mod Squad.